Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Tidbits

It was so windy yesterday that hairspray couldn't keep one's hair in place.  Mine stood up about like the feathers on the cardinal.  

Thankfully, we didn't have any damage at our house other than a gutter blew off our rental building next door and several small limbs blew out of the trees.  My heart and prayers go out to those affected by the tornadoes here in the midwest and, of course, to those affected by the typhoon in the Philippines.

I didn't think I'd get a post up today.  In between trips to the laundry downstairs and cleaning out a drawer and stopping now and then to read a blog and comment, I'm finally here.  I thought about what I could talk about today as I'm not one to have several posts already done and awaiting publishing.  How about you?  Are you a fly by the seat of your pants poster like I am or do you have posts ready and waiting for those days when you are too busy to write?

We had a good weekend.  Our son was home to go deer hunting.  Yes, I hate to see Bambi shot, but we do put the meat in the freezer.  They are really too plentiful around our area and many have caused much damage to property and cars, including my own car a few years ago.  I showed a photo of my car in one of my very first posts here.
The hunt was unsuccessful as the weather was too warm Saturday and so windy yesterday that he didn't go.  BG and I had fun Saturday evening at a fundraiser where there was some very good music.  I can't think of the name of the group that put it on, but they were portraying Johnny Cash, George Jones, Hank Williams and others.  Oh, and a couple of Taylor Swift songs were sung by a young girl who did a great job.  Did anyone see the CMA's where Taylor won the Pinnacle award?  I know she is highly popular, and I admit I'm just not a big fan, but I really think she should have a few more years of experience under her belt in order to receive that high an honor.  And that's just my opinion.  Do you like her music?

Did you see the full moon last night?    I took a quick shot out my kitchen window.  I was glad we had clear skies again.  Today has turned out to be a nice, sunny day.  Too bad I have chores to do and that I'd better get back to and it will soon be time to fix dinner.  On second thought, this might be a good night for carryout!  Hope your day has been a good one.

Until next time...


  1. glad you are fine. i did get to see the moon last night. very pretty here, too.

    i usually have 3 - 7 posts lined up and scheduled to post ahead of time. or at least i try to.

  2. So glad you are safe. I did see the moon....after the storms went through the skies were pretty again. I am praying for all who lost so much yesterday and those hurt by the typhoon. So many in need.
    It's good that your son hunts for food, not just the sport of it. We have many deer around here also. Once I counted 18 deer from central Indiana to St Louis....Seven were dead on the road.
    Take care, blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

  3. gorgeous moon. the weather around our world has been so crazy & scary. makes me a bit nervous. ( :

    can you imagine seeing a cardinal use mousse or hairspray?? that would be the day. too funny!! i would probably not have my camera & no one would believe that i saw it happen. ha. ha!!

  4. We had quite the wind here. I still have a huge trampoline sitting in my back yard. Thank goodness the tree was there or it would have blown through my window.

  5. Hi Cheryl, glad your ok with that wind, yikes......Love the Cardinal and the moon pictures, so pretty, was cloudy here so missed the full moon, Blessings Francine.

  6. No full moon here last night.. We were having watches and warnings all evening long. Got alot of rain and tons of wind.

    Spent today cleaning up the yard AGAIN... Lots of sticks and twigs and more leaves... BUT--no damage here, Thank Goodness...

    Cute photo of your Cardinal..


  7. I do not have post steady. I make them as I think of it.I grew up with hunting and eating venison,but now I hate to see these animals killed.I know that hunting helps to keep the numbers in check so it is ok.

  8. I am a fly by the seat of your pants kinda gal myself. Very spontanious. My blog is about my life here. I don't plan much.
    I agree with you about the deer. Way too abundant here after a Few mild winters. They cause havoc on the country roads. Kinda sad.

  9. What a great shot of the moon! Wow!
    Taylor Swift..hmmm..nope, can't say I am a fan..but..I did buy a pair of her RED tennis shoes..and have never worn them! :)
    I am a "fly by my pants" poster and no..I never have them ready ahead of time. Are you kidding?? LOL NOT I!
    My whole life has been "fly by your pants!"
    I don't even plan my meals until the last minute...OR when I know I have to put a roast in the oven.
    I have always needed to get more organized.
    I didn't see the music awards..I missed them. I seldom watch TV anymore either. I watch films on my Kindle Fire..and that's about it.
    I am glad you weathered the storm alright! A storm hung over clouds..but not a breath stirred...and not a drop of rain fell. I guess the was a bit during the night...then it passed on by.
    The weather is really acting up. Strange.


  10. I am mostly a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants type of blogger. I do have some drafts, but they are soooooo rough, they are not much more than a reminder of a post idea...certainly nothing I could post in a pinch!

    I am glad to hear that the weather damage bypassed you!

  11. What a gorgeous cardinal! I am a fly by the seat of my pants girl, when it comes to the blog. And no, not much of a TS fan. Lots of other people with much better voices.

  12. Yes, the moon was beautiful as I saw it rising last night. The recent weather caused damages and deaths here and elsewhere are very sad and I am thankful that there has been none in our area. We also do not watch TV, so missed the CMAs, but Shania Twain is more my type of favorite than Ms Swift. While I have scheduled some posts it is not something I do regularly and usually it's a spur of the moment thing. But lately, I have been preparing some drafts of future recipe posts so the photos won't get lost.
    Great colorful cardinal and we are seeing more at the feeders. It's the VA state bird.

  13. I'm kind of with you on the Taylor Swift Pinnacle award... I mean, what does she have to look forward to anyway? ;)

    Sounds like a fun evening even if the hunting was thwarted by the warm weather. It was unusually warm here last weekend, too.

    Nope. I never have any posts ready and waiting... I'm a total fly by the seat of my pants person. LOL! Have a great week, Cheryl. blessings ~ tanna

  14. Glad the wind didn't damage your home Cheryl.
    We too had high winds but at least it wasn't a hurricane so I'm thankful for small blessings :)

  15. I agree with you about Taylor and we did watch the awards. her music is to pop for me, i like old time country.
    when an idea for a post hits my mind, i come in here and sit down even if i have no photos and write it in word. or if i take photos and i know i want to use them, i reszie and put them in a draft post. i always have post in drafts, like 8 right now. and sometimes they sit there for months and never get posted. my post are what ever i see or hear or happens and i have to write about them when they are there or they are gone for ever.

  16. I often have a post ready to go but then something will hit me and I will scramble Sunday night and put a totally different post up scheduled for Monday. Thus, I have stuff demoted to draft. waiting for its day.
    Really love that second shot of the sunrise and the bare branches.

  17. Oh, I am terrible about having many, MANY drafts for posts. I have ideas running into themselves for posts and,so that I won't forget, I type the title of the post and into drafts. Therefore, sometimes I have as many as a hundred or so, just waiting to add photos and text. Sometimes, they get so outdated, I just delete them.
    Great moon shot.....
    and almost ANY night is a good night for carryout. :))
    xoxo bj

  18. hehe, I have been flying by the seat of my pants since I started. I just assured myself it was my "style"!!

    Within the last week or so I have been preparing entries and saving them. I'm not sure which I like best!!

    HE is gorgeous, what a capture!!

  19. You did very well, for a seat of the pants post. I never have anything to say, just photos. I'm with you on both the Bambi and Taylor. I don't follow awards, but I do put her in the "yet to pay dues" category. So glad you weren't affected much by the storm.

  20. HI Cheryl. Great shot of Cardinal and moon and sunset.

  21. i'm happy to hear you didn't blow away..beautiful photos! and nope, not a ts fan at all..i just don't get the hype..give me miranda lambert any day! as for posting, i'm a spur of the moment but sometimes i will get a post ready the afternoon before so it will auto post at midnight. but then on random 5 friday, i do those first thing when i wake up, because they are really random...i feel like i've cheated if i thought random thoughts the day before lol

  22. Such a beautiful cardinal. I haven't see the pair that were here last year. Maybe they moved on. Am so glad you did not have any damage. It was so awful. The moon was shown very brightly in our area as well. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.

  23. Good shot of the moon- and I am so glad you are ok...that was such a wicked super storm!
    I try to pre-plan my posts, but it's not working out too well shopping, working on genealogy stuff...too many irons in the fire!

  24. So glad that that rotten storm passed by without too much trouble. Taylor is ver young to receive the Pinnacle Award...where's she going after the pinnacle? I really don't know much about her or her music so I can't add much to the conversation. Sometimes I plan, but most of the time I fly. I wish that I planned.

  25. Fly by the seat of my pants PROcrastinator.
    Not a Taylor Swift fan.
    The wind was crazy on the Tiny Ten Sunday. CH had two loads of limbs and stuff from the trees. Glad you all are ok.
    The rifles have been popping all around us. We have a buck that is killing one of our trees. I would be happy if someone would put him in the freezer. We don't hunt.
    Nice to hear from you Cheryl. Your cardinal is handsome... :)

  26. Great shot of the cardinal. As for blogging, on my Pics & Pieces blog, I usually don't post ahead...I like for it to be really current. Or not post.

    Occasionally on my Time Stand Still blog, I will get a few photos sheduled to post, especially if I know I am going to be gone...and I have the time.

  27. Beautiful pictures you captured the red bird well. It looked like a great day.
    We used to deer hunt but haven't in years. I loved that we could have a freezer full of deer meat for the year.
    To be honest I don't enjoy Taylor Swift's music at all. In fact, I think her voice is rather pitchy at times. I think she is more pop the country in many ways. Usually, I don't voice my opinion but I did today. I am more of a Faith Hill fan. I do love country music.