Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday's thoughts

I'm missing them already.  The flowers and the fluttering pretties.

 The good news is that there is beauty to behold
in every season if we just look for it.

There are smiles waiting to happen around every corner.

 I'm looking forward to seeing the birds at the feeders.  

If this big boy and his sister, who mostly live outside, doesn't keep
them away.  They come in downstairs at night and we let them
play with Stormy and Peanut.

Speaking of Peanut...she's the reason I hurt my right hand.
Did I mention that I had to have a ring cut off because my
fingers were so swollen?  I did have my hand x-rayed and, thankfully, no hairline fractures or breaks were found.  It has been very painful and the swelling hasn't gone completely away.  I have not been able to use that hand as I'd like.  It has put a damper on my cleaning projects since it's hard to grip anything.  Doctor said it may take weeks to get back to normal.  Such is life, it could be worse!   I can still get out and go and that is what I've been doing.
How has your week been?
Until next time...   


  1. ouch!!! glad you don't have breaks, though. monster kitties. :)

    loved your photos. the sky w/ the contrails crossing is beautiful.

  2. Great photos. Have a great weekend.

  3. Sorry about the hand, Cheryl, at least you will have an excuse for not chasing the dust bunnies away. I pray for a quick recovery. I never knew how much I used my hands until one got out of commission!
    You are so right there is beauty in every season we just have to go looking for them, i am thankful that I lIve where we have the four seasons, it seems I appreciate them so much more because just about the time I tire of one the other is fresh and anew.
    Thanks for sharing, it is so nice to be able to visit again.
    Enjoy your weekend and may you have a most blessed Thanksgiving.

  4. Yes, there is great beauty in each season. I loved your pictures and I know that you live in a beautiful area. The pictures of the cats are adorable. The gray one is just like one I had when I was in High School. My husband gave him to me. This cat gave me comfort when my husband served his mission for 2 years for our church. We were not married then.
    I do hope that you hand heals quickly. I am glad you can get around; but it is hard to not have your full hand function.
    Blessings and Prayers for you!

  5. Did the cat scratch you? Oh doesn't sound at all pleasant to have to have your ring cut off. Not your wedding ring I hope!

    Beauty everywhere even in the frost patterns, though I am very much missing my flowers.

  6. You are so right about each season having it's own beauty. That is one thing that has been brought to my attention more since I began blogging.
    So sorry to hear about your hand. It must be frustrating, especially at this busy time of the year. I hope it won't be much longer until things are back to normal.

  7. hope you hand feels better real soon. ouch!!

    great shots. beauty can be found any so many places. always in the small stuff too. big hugs. (:

  8. What beautiful colors in the sky with the contrails crossing it! I love your kitties.
    I hope your finger is better soon.

  9. Look at those faces, too cuuute, just too cute!
    Pretty flower & beautiful sunset =)

  10. Evening, oh glad to hear no breaks, geeze, love the pictures, always enjoy animal posts.....Blessings Francine.

  11. Sorry your hand is so sore, glad it's not broken.
    These are really nice pictures and I am a sucker for any kitty picture. What pretty little fuzzies you have!

  12. Geez....sure hope your hand heals quickly. Not the best of times to have a hand that you can't use very well...
    Great photos, but I Love the one that shows where the jets have crossed the sky..
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend...take it easy and let the family help you..

  13. Oh My... Didn't realize that you had to have your ring cut off... That happened to my Mom once when I was a little girl. Like you, she didn't break anything ---but the finger was really swollen.

    We've been doing the final cleanup in our yard this week. 99% of the leaves are down and GONE... Now--winter can come!!!!!

    Have a great weekend.

  14. Did you hurt your hand? I hope it gets better. I love your photos and the squirrel is so cute. sandie

  15. Hoping your hand gets better real soon!:) Twyla

  16. Cheryl, we just need reminders to look around and your pictures help us do that.

    That picture of the woodpecker is especially good.

    Glad to hear the hand is better. It does take a very long time for things to get back to normal.

    Hope it doesn't interfere with your Thanksgiving dinner.

  17. so sorry your hand is swollen, at least we know you can type... since the post is here and snap photos, all of which made me smile

  18. Bummer about your hand and ring!! Glad nothing was broken though! Hope it gets better quickly.

    You are so right, Cheryl, there is something to be enjoyed in every season... also makes us glad to get back the things that will come again in our next one. blessings ~ tanna

  19. Cheryl so sorry about your hand!Weeks to get back to normal?!!! Geez all over a kitty!! Enjoy your weekend and be good to yourself! Love your selections of photos this morning. That little stinker Peanut!

  20. What's the story behind the hand issue, please?

    Also please, do what the docs suggest. So it will get alllllll better.

    Luckily, I seem to flow into each Season. And enjoy each Season. I'm very glad that I do. I'd not want to be a person, who is only happy in one season, or something. A person who is always waiting for one season to arrive. Etc. Just me!

  21. I am missing sitting on my porch more than anything, I think...but I liked to be out there to see all the flutterbys, etc.

    All I can say is we go through a lot for our kitties...I seldom get to sleep the night through because Bubbie always comes in there and meows and wants me to move over till he can lay beside me and me pet him.

    Then he and Puss Puss want me up to let them out, lots of times before daylight is here for good. But I love them...and they love us so all is good when all is said and done as far as they are concerned.

  22. I love all your critters! The squirrel is my favorite. :)
    Hope your hand feels better soon! I've still been doing fall cleaning and packing some things to put away. Alsmost ready for Thanksgiving. :)

  23. I hope your hand gets to feeling better... but your pictures are still so great, how do you ever???

  24. Cute pictures - all. So sorry about our hand. That's a shame about the ring - was it your wedding ring??

  25. Lovely animal photos. I hope you hand heals more quickly than expected.

  26. PS I nominated you for some blog awards today. (Was that a groan I heard??) ;)
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  27. Cute fur balls- so sorry about your accident..hope it heals quickly!

  28. Yes, it could be worse. Glad it isn't. Aren't those kitties sweet?

  29. I hope it don't take a super long time for your hand to heal...

  30. I always enjoy your photos! And you're right, there is beauty in every season.

    Sorry about your hand, but glad nothing is broken.

    It's been crazy busy this week and I'm playing catch up now.....hope to update soon.