Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Seen on my walk

Can you believe some folks think the lovely Goldenrod is just a weed?   

Along came a spider...

Let's get a closer look!  

I see some baby cedar trees and white flowers that I don't know the
name of.  We have several large cedar trees that I love to cut branches from at Christmas.  I love the smell of cedar and it reminds me of when I was a youngster at home and our Christmas trees were always cedar.

I didn't realize there were two on the same little wildflower I call an
Aster, I was busy concentrating on the pretty wings of the one on top!

A very large squirrel's nest high in a tree. 

A stop by the pond for a little fishing before going to the house.   Can you see the line on the left?  I'm standing on the dam of the pond on the south side.  It's time to concentrate on bringing in that big fish now.  I'll show you what I caught another day.

Until next time...


  1. Such beautiful scenery on your walk..all except for the spider. But, I know he just comes with the territory! :-)

    That looks like a great pond to fish in. I only went fishing once this summer. Bummer..but there's always next year!

  2. Love your photos, Cheryl!! Don't you find it a wonderful thing that blogging inspired you to take these photos and in doing so you saw the second butterfly? I think blogging makes us focus on so many little things we might have passed by without noticing... shifts us into a gear of gratitude. And that is amplified by our friends as we read and see their 'discoveries' too. Ahhh... thank you for this very nice walk. Hope you caught just what you were fishing for. ;) blessings ~ tanna

  3. Don't you love those suprises when you up load your pictures. Two for one.
    Nice to see you pay attention when you walk.
    I am curious what you caught.

  4. I am sure that you never run out of interesting things to see on your walk. Cedar is such a heavenly fragrance. How did it do as a Christmas tree? Did it last for a week or more? It sounds like a wonderful idea.

  5. very pretty. and i like goldenrod as long as it's not taking over my pasture! :)

  6. I feel like I just went for a walk with you! And we used to have a cedar Christmas tree too! Dad would just drive around until he spotted on in a farmers field & go chop it down for our living room. (He would probably get shot if he did that today!) It smelled wonderful & that was all we knew back then...

  7. so much loveleness to see!! i have been seeing a lot of goldenrod lately but i didn't know what is was!!

    awesome set of pictures today!!

  8. Gorgeous Missouri scenery!

    I need to do a walk about soon.

    That white flower may be our native White Snake Root.
    I bought 'Missouri Wildflowers' from the Mo. Dept. of Conservation and have used it many times. It is well worth the price. It is arranged by color so you can narrow down your search.

  9. Beautiful photos.... even if I'm not too fond of spiders!

    Isn't it lovely walk weather? Just beautiful!

  10. great shot of the spider, he blends right in with that flower. i love the butterfly and flower,

  11. Wow, those picturs are awesome. I loved them all and I would love to go up by a lake and fish. We used to fish all the time but have done so for a number of years. Sometimes life gets to busy and we don't get to enjoy the moments enough.
    Blessings to you for the pictures and thoughts. I hope you caught the big one; and keep on enjoying these sweet moments.

  12. So pretty there. I like the pic of the spider even though I don't like spiders. And the butterfly pic is sooo pretty! Can't wait to see what you caught!

  13. That is a scary looking spider!
    Hey Cheryl, these are some really great looking pictures. You did an awesome job. Isn't it fun to find those unusual things to snap a picture of. I enjoyed this post..

  14. Okay I just don't understand how you are by a bush that had that beautiful spider on it. I have never seen a yellow one. Awesome.


  15. I've just read your previous post and this one too. You sure do have a beautiful lot to walk (& fish) on. So many interesting things to see. I think the goldenrod is so pretty right now and how neat that your spider matches it so well:).
    I like to clip cedar at Christmas too. It makes a nice addition to little vignettes.
    I look forward to seeing your big catch.

  16. Beautiful pictures especially the spider and butterfly.
    So far I haven't seen any goldenrod blooming here. Not sure, but maybe because of the drought.
    Thanks for sharing yours.

  17. Beautiful photos!
    And our Christmas tree was always a cedar too. Nothing like that cedar smell to take you right back to the Christmases of your childhood!

  18. Beautiful pictures! Not too thrilled with the spider, but he does have pretty colors! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your day!

  19. Your beautiful scenery looks quite familiar to this Ozark Chick! Your pictures are simply stunnin' sweetie!

    You have yourself a terrifically blessed day! :o)

  20. Isn't it fun, Cheryl, to take your camera and go for a walk???? We can find so many interesting things to photograph, can't we???? Great pictures!!!

  21. I love Goldenrod, but I have to admit I still think of Queen Annes Lace as a weed. I was appalled to see someone put it in a flower arrangement AND purposely put in their flower garden.

    I'm better now--trying to see its beauty. :)