Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Our vacation so far...

  So far we've survived an
emergency landing...

A trip over a waterfall...

And enjoyed a nice card game.

And that was just one fun evening at
Treasure Island Miniature Golf!

   We are having a fabulous time in Branson. 
We arrived Saturday and our children joined us 
for a few days.  They left today to go
back to work.  Hubby and I will be here until Sunday.

We had a wonderful meal last night at one of our favorite
places to eat in Branson, Texas Land and Cattle 
at the Landing.  We had dinner outside on
the patio overlooking Lake Taneycomo
and watched the fire and water show while eating.

The weather is cooler this week and it's wonderful! 
Hubby and I are having a low-key day today 
just relaxing in the condo, but we'll be going out soon
to grab a bite to eat and stop in at the
Mulberry Mill in the Grand Village.  They
have the yummiest dip mixes, among other 
neat things, that I always get several of
when we are here. 

Hope you are having a wonderful week, too!

Until next time...


  1. sounds sooo fun!! my kinda trip!!

  2. Sounds splendid. This trip is in my bucket of to dos!

  3. Have a wonderful trip, Cheryl. I know you will. Funny pictures!!!!!

    It is COOLER here too.. Love it. In fact, we put a fire in the fireplace last night since it got down into the 50's... Love it!!!!


  4. Sure sounds like fun! I haven't heard of either of the places you mentioned-I know they just keep adding new places there. Enjoy!

  5. So glad you are enjoying this special time, Cheryl. Thanks for sharing.

  6. It sounds like you're having a wonderful time!!

  7. Gosh, I would love to go there...have fun!

  8. That sounds wonderful. So glad you're having a good trip. You scared me with the emergency landing beginning....

  9. glad you survived that landing and are having a blast.

  10. sounds like you're having a blast! :)

  11. Loved the pictures and was relieved that it was just for fun.
    Enjoy Branson, that restaurant sounds wonderful. May have to look it up next time.

  12. Ha, ha ... so glad to hear that you are having a fun time. Enjoy the rest of your stay and have safe travels.

  13. I have been reading your past posts about your trip, and I really enjoyed them. My family had the pleasure of vacationing in MO back in the mid nineties, not too long after the flood. I remember seeing the water lines. It was amazing.

    It's a beautiful area. It looks like you had a wonderful time! I also apologize for it taking me so long to visit here after your kind comment on my post last week. I'm just now feeling well enough for a lot of "blog travel".

  14. Enjoyed the pics and we are also enjoying the cooler weather. Off today to go 'flea hopping' with my sister and oldest daughter. Sounds like a nice relaxing time for you all.

  15. I am so happy that you are having such fun. The picture were cute and I loved the thoughts. In fact, perhaps I will get to visit Brandon someday since my oldest daughter lives in Missouri.
    Blessings to you and enjoy the moments with your hubby.

  16. Fun, fun, fun!! Good to hear a report from you.. my hubs had surgery earlier this week, so we won't take a real vacay for awhile. But, really, since he's feeling better and I've been off work too a few days, it's "almost" been a vacay :) Enjoy! And safe travels too. Savor this weather! -Tammy

  17. So glad you're enjoying your vacation :)