Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday's random thoughts...

Looking up at jets going in opposite directions.  Since we live in the middle of Missouri, I imagined the one on the right going to Kansas City and the one on the left is heading for St. Louis.  I often wonder who is on board and where they've been or where they're going.  Or, hmmm, is my frequent-traveler son on one perhaps?  Notice the leaves on the trees are not cooperating this year with nice fall colors.

I wish I could be this lazy!  

October 2010 - Thomas Kinkade calendar on my wall
I love Kinkade's paintings and wish I could just crawl inside this one and live there!  Doesn't it look so pretty and serene?  You just know the inside would be just as immaculate and carefully decorated as the outside.   

Speaking of decorations, here's one of the few fall things I've been able to find.  I have a large tote of fall stuff that I put out each fall and this year when I opened the tote, I found I was missing several things including one of my favorites that I bought just last year!  This is just one of the mysterious happenings that has occurred that I'll be posting about soon.  And, yes, I've looked high and low for these items and can't find them.  Hmm.

Here is a barrel head that I painted several years ago when I was into crafting. 

There is a delightful store in Boonville, MO I just discovered called Never the Same that has a lot of items that have been painted with pumpkins and such for fall and already some Christmas stuff is appearing.   They use old items that most of us throw away and paint them.  They had some really neat wine bottles painted with a snowman or Santa with mini lights inside. 

Here's a closer look at the mouse on the pumpkin in the photo above.  That's as close to a mouse as I want to get!   Btw, my wall is really a nice shade of beige, not blue as that photo above this one makes it look.   The light in here is horrible for picture taking.  

That's all, folks, for this Thursday's random thoughts and photos.  
Until next time....


  1. You're very talented as I can see from your painted barrel top. Did you enjoy that kind of painting? My colors often don't come true when taking photos either. It can be a pain. I like Thomas Kinkade, too, no matter what critics pan him. He's grabbing one at a basic emotional level...that desire for a lovely home or haven, if you will, from this old world.

  2. The cat photo is wonderful,I did indulge in being that lazy this week,I took to my bed as I had a 'bug' though I did not relish feeling ill I did enjoy being spoiled.!!
    I love seeing the way Halloween and the fall is celebrated in other parts of the world,here in Ireland we do not have this custom.The children do dress up and have trick-or- treat at Halloween,but we do not decorate our houses or gardens for the fall,such a shame as it looks fun.
    Have a lovely weekend.Carolyn.

  3. Nice random thougts.

    I love brousing through the shops in Boonville. And I LOVE Fall!

  4. Hi Cheryl!

    What beautiful pictures! I often wonder where all those people are going when I see airplanes...maybe on great adventures!

    Your Fall decorations are so cute! I love to tole paint - sure wish I lived closer, we could have fun! The little mouse is so cute!

    What a lazy kitty - gotta love our furry friends!


  5. I enjoyed your post about the jet trails. I too see them in our skyways & sometimes wonder about the people on board...especially since 9/11. I guess I'm going to have to visit Boonville one of these days. I have cousins that live there. One of them owns & operates the rootbeer stand--where we had our mini-family reunion last summer!

    Hope you are enjoying this beautiful autumn weather. I just tonight carried in a few of my plants, just it case we get the predicted frost.

  6. The autumn weather really does inspire a girl, doesn't it! I used to decorate for spring and fall a lot more so than I do now. I get too wrapped up at work sometimes. Can't wait to retire. You are quite talented, and did a great job with the painting!

  7. Hmmm, thanks for the tip on the shop in Boonville Cheryl! And that is a darling mouse you painted :)