Monday, October 18, 2010

A little fall color...

This is the first Monday that I haven't had to think about going to work, unless it was a holiday, in quite some time!  I must say that it is rather nice and my furbaby is very glad, too!  She has been spoiled rotten by my hubby and daughter while I've worked nights.  They have let her get away with way too much!  For example, the photo below shows her laying on the island in the kitchen.  She thinks that is her spot from which to survey all the goings on in the kitchen.  Do you think I'll ever be able to undo all the bad habits she's been allowed to develop?

We worked at the farm all this weekend in the house, the garage, the machine shed and sorted, washed and boxed up stuff in preparation of the sale.  We've gotten a lot done the last few weekends, but there is much more to do and then we will try to paint the inside of the house.  I took a couple of outside photos today in an effort to show the fall colors even tho the colors haven't reached their peak yet.  When they do, I don't think the colors will be as pretty as in other years.  I hope I'm wrong.  Here's today's photo looking south from the farm house.

One more...

I hope to have a little more time for blogging now.  At least when the work at the farm slows down and I get caught up on things here at my house.  I still have a post about blogging in mind to do as I mentioned several weeks ago.  I haven't forgotten, it's just been put on the back burner for a while.  I also am working on a post about strange happenings here in my own home...more about that soon.  

Until next time...


  1. Good Morning Cheryl! I like that little bit of color you have there on the island! That kitty is going to love having you home I bet :) So today is the first day of your retirement, good for you. I am telling you it is such a nice thing to just hang at home and do what you like doing.

    Beautiful views from the farm house. Looking forward to your post about blogging :)

  2. What a pretty view and furbaby. I've tried to teach my cats to get off things, it doesn't work. I've tried tape, water in a spray bottle. Even yelling. Nothing helps.

  3. Hi Cheryl, Glad you all are getting the farm cleaned out and ready for sale. I know you will be happy once you get that taken care of...

    Love your kitty... Yours looks alot like my blog friend, Jo's (from Africa), cat Shadow.

    You need to get to the Smokies SOON --if you want to see Fall colors. The trees are changing quickly.

  4. We were hoping to see a lot of beautiful Fall colors on our trip this weekend but it just wasn't meant to be. As I sit here typing, looking out my kitchen window, I see the leaves dropping like crazy. My prediction of a beautiful Fall seems to be a little off :(

    Oh well! Hope you have a wonderful week and get some of those things done that you have plans for.

  5. I fear our foliage is just gonna turn brown and drop. We are so very dry here on the Ponderosa so badly in need of good rain. Your pics are just lovely.

    Ya'll have the most wonderfully blessed 'fall' day!!!

  6. I love the pictures of the farm; it brought back memories. My father farmed and I loved going out on the farm with him. Thanks for sharing your thoughts today and the pictures were awesome.
    Blessings to you ! LeAnn

  7. Hi Cheryl,
    Thanks so much for stopping by to visit me and leaving such kind comments. I think the views from your farm are beautiful. I have always lived in the suburbs, but there is a part of me that would like to be a farm girl.
    I have just become a follower on your blog and hope to catch up and learn more about you real soon.

  8. Hi Cheryl - thanks for your visit and sweet comments!

    You have such a beautiful place there whether fall colors or not. I do love that second pic of the huge tree - that's SOME tree! Wouldn't mind living there myself!

  9. Hi Cheryl~

    You are a stay at home wife - isn't life grand?! Well, you can answer that when you get a chance to take a breath and quit working so hard!

    The farm is beautiful! I love the big trees, the country roads and the beautiful Autumn colors! I also think your cat is adorable!

    You have sparked my interest in weird happenings at the farm, can't wait to hear more . . .

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog . . . :0)