Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fall is on the way!

It's September already, can you believe it?  
Fall is on the way
and with this photo, I thought I'd show
a preview of things to come.
 It's raining as I write this and I'm
hopping in bed soon to let
 the sounds of distant thunder and rain 
hitting the roof lull me to sleep.

We need this rain and the cooler temperature
is so welcome.
Too soon we'll be lamenting the cold weather
and wishing it was warm again. 
Until next time...


  1. My Grandmother always said that everything in moderation was good,however,when it comes to the weather,the World seems to suffer extremes.Too much or not enough rain,sun,wind,cold,etc,etc,in Ireland we do not suffer so much from extreme weather patterns and we are fortunate in as much as we do not have hurricanes and earth quakes,that have caused such devastation to so many Countries this year.
    We are never satisfied,non the less,we all like to moan about the weather.!!!
    The photo is beautiful,is this your local area.??

  2. Probably not. I know that after days in the 90s, I'm turning into Miss Cranky Pants again and looking forward to some of the cooler temps. Will you send some?

  3. Probably not. About the seasons anyway. I think becoming tired of the current season is preparing us for the next season. But, aren't you just loving this rain we are getting today? I especially am in love with this rain because I know it is the beginning of a transition to a little bit of Fall. That is one gorgeous Fall picture you have there and it makes me smile this morning :) And like Vee I was starting to be a little teeny bit cranky over all that heat and humidity yesterday so it is a good thing it's a changin'! Sorry this got to be a novel.

  4. We need the rain soooo badly. They are predicting some :o) Loving even the THOUGHT of fall!!!!

  5. Hi Cheryl!

    If this is what you look forward to - Oh, my, it's so beautiful! I love the beautiful Fall colors, but like you, I will be complaining when I am shoveling snow and paying the heat bill!

    It's cloudy and gloomy here today. The leaves are starting to change, and there is definitely a chilly nip in the air. Mother Nature is certainly going to have her way . . .;o)


  6. I'm ready for the change of seasons. We have had a record breaking dry August in Indiana & all of our plants & some trees are in distress. So...send the rain our way! Looking forward to Autumn...

  7. The pictures is awesome and so were the thoughts. I felt a similar feeling today.
    Blessings to you! LeAnn

  8. We didn't get much rain in my corner of Missouri. That should change tomorrow. Beautiful picture. And life goes on......

  9. Beautiful picture.... I'm SO ready for Fall ... BUT--today it was almost 90 degrees here again... They say it will cool down on Saturday... I cannot wait. I love FALL---even though there will be tons of leaves to rake in my yard... ha..

  10. What a lovely picture, Cheryl!!
    i just hope you have a wonderful time in September and along the fall season...


  11. Fall and Spring are awesome. I'm not a great fan of summer or winter! Beautiful picture.

    Hope you had a wonderful Labor Day.