Thursday, June 24, 2010

The river

The Missouri River

My daughter and I were in the little river town of Glasgow Monday afternoon.  With all the rain this area has been having, we weren't surprised to see that the river was so high and some moderate flooding taking place.  The river stage is 25 feet and I believe it got as high as 31 feet.   We were on a little walkway at the river's edge.  

Below is another view looking to our right.  The Missouri River is, I believe, the longest river in the U.S.  

The next photo is taken directly across from us.  It gives you a better idea of just how high the river is.

A lot of the farm land around Glasgow away from the river bottom is very hilly.  They raise wonderful crops there.  My father always liked Glasgow and thought that the people there were so friendly.  I think that is true, you hardly ever meet a car or pickup without getting waved at.  Not so in my hometown!  Isn't it funny how different communities can be in the same general area?  Below is a photo of one of those hilly corn fields.   It's much steeper than it looks to be in the pic. 

Tomorrow,  Daughter has to be on the campus at MU in Columbia for a meeting.  She wants me to go with her again.  Actually, I'm to chauffeur and let her out so she won't have to find a parking spot and walk so far in all this heat we're having now.  I don't mind, I'll have a chance to go visit the Upscale/Resale, one of my favorite stops, while waiting.  I just hope the weather cools off a bit.  The temp was at 97 degrees as I was driving through town to go to work this afternoon.  Much too hot for June!  Wonder what July and August will be like?  

Hope you are having nice weather wherever you are!

Until next time...


  1. I can almost feel awe, at this river, just from looking at your photos.

    Good luck with the weather, on your little jaunt. -sigh-


  2. What fantastic photos. I saw you on Aunt Amelia's blog and was intriqued by your blog name! I would love to follow you here (also a middle child) but somehow google isn't displaying that the moment.

  3. Hi Jenny, thanks for your comments. I'd love to have you as a follower and will check out your blog as soon as I have a bit more time! I'm leaving soon to meet my daughter. Have a good day! ~Cheryl

  4. Beautiful photos! I would love to see the Missouri river - it's gorgeous! Here, in Idaho, it seems like our rivers are narrow, fast and furious, coming straight out of the mountains! I love the calm look of the Missouri, although I'm sure it's quite turbulent too!

    Travel safely.