Friday, June 4, 2010

It's Friday....

Sunrise, sunset
Sunrise, sunset
Swiftly flow the days....

The above photo was taken at one of our local city lakes a week or so ago on the cell phone.  I love sunsets and I thought this one very beautiful.  You can click on the photo to make it larger.  
What have I been doing lately...since I haven't been blogging much?  Well, let's see....last month, I had a nasty virus not only once, but twice!  Yep, it got me again and the cough lasts forever...or so it seems.  I still have a bit of a cough now and then.   It really just wore me out, but I managed to keep working and the time I did miss, I made up. 
We did get to Kansas City to see our son who recently moved there from San Antonio.  It is so very good to have him closer to home.  We had a good visit.   He has a really nice apartment and I'd love to have the swimming pool there in my back yard.  ( I'd be caught in a swimming suit...LOL)
There is a large screen tv protected by the brick wall on the right of the pool ladder.  Yep, I could relax very nicely there!  The building on the right side is a large exercise room and there is a paved trail all around the complex for the jogging/walking people.  That also helped sell my son on the place.  
Our kitten, Stormy, got spayed last week.  We waited until she was almost a year old.   If you have ever lived with a kitten that hasn't been spayed, you know what that is like!  She is back to her usual self now, after not feeling so good after the surgery.  I hope she doesn't mind me showing a photo of what she looks right now...(haha)!  Okay, that photo will have to wait...I haven't taken it off my camera yet!  

I went shopping yesterday and got a few more bags of mulch, another large bag of potting soil, and 3 more Knockout roses.  I bought quite a few annuals to put in my pots and ended up with several extras.  So, we dug out some more pots and I needed more soil.  We spray painted some of our pots this year...some of them were pretty faded from the sun.  They turned out really well.  Now, I need to find a spot for the 3 roses.  

There is much to do today, so I need to get busy.   Time is moving swiftly, as always.   Have a wonderful weekend!

Until next time...


  1. Beautiful sunset!!! I can't believe you took it with your cell phone, it's just gorgeous!

    Amen to the swimsuit thing - the pool looks inviting, but . . . do they allow sweatsuits in the pool teehee! It's always nice to have your kids nearby, I'm so glad that he is closer to you.

    Did you spray paint plastic pots or clay pots? That is a great idea! Your roses are also beautiful. It has been so miserable and cold here, I haven't even thought about planting - but I better hurry, or it will be too late!

    Glad you are feeling better, have a wonderful week-end!


  2. you have been bussssssssssssssssy. some neat stuff. some not to neat. booo-hiss to 2 bouts of a bug. grrrrrrrrrrrr...

    beeeeeeeeutiful sunset! awaiting pic of spayed kitty. -giggggles- yes, she'd 'whop you' for showing but. it's among girls. -ggiggles-

    bathing suit? what's that? hehhhhh... we've had a back yard pool for years but i don't go in it. never learn to swim and for some time, have not had a bathing suit ready figure. sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... lol. good for your son though. what a sweet setup he has there. :-)

    gentle hugs,
    "auntie a"