Monday, June 14, 2010

A rainy night

Whew...we've been busy the last few days.  From doctor's appointments, celebrating our anniversary, to more flower planting, some deep cleaning in the basement and the usual chores.  We did get out Saturday night for dinner to celebrate our wedding anniversary.  We were invited to 2 different weddings Saturday...they picked a good day, didn't they...worked for us!...however, we decided to not go to either so we wouldn't have to leave one out.  

Our son came by Thursday night around 10:30 from a business trip to St. Louis.  He wasn't feeling good and decided not to drive on to Kansas City.   He was really sick all day Friday and Friday night.  I think he may have gotten some food poisoning, but he also had a very high fever and headache.  He felt better Saturday and went home in the afternoon.   I'm glad he was here and not home alone feeling as bad as he did...he was glad to be here, too! 

We've had more rain, it just never seems to end.  One day is nice, the next thing you know clouds are forming and it rains.  It was especially hot and humid today, I'm sure that will bring another round of storms.  Here's some pictures I took today of the clouds...the first one was after the first storm blew by.

This one was taken on a quick trip to WallyWorld.  There
was heavy rain and high winds in the area, we saw some
limbs in the yards when we drove through the town.

After I finally got to sit down tonight, I played around with my blog background.  I've been looking at different sites that offer free backgrounds for quite some time now.   I have a "look" in mind, but I haven't figured out how to get there yet.  Just haven't had time to spend on it.  I also want to work on the header, I'm not satisfied with the white title.   This background will have to do for now.   

It's time to think about getting some sleep.  It's only 2:15 am after all!  Big chicken that I am, I'm keeping an eye on the weather, sure enough there's a severe storm warning out just west of here and I bet we'll get it too.   Maybe I'll just read a bit and hope it goes through quickly so I can sleep.  

Have a good Monday!

Until next time...


  1. You've had a busssssssssssy time of it! :-)

    Glad your son was soon better.

    Fantastic photo of the clouds billowing, the first one. Great!

    Hope you didn't get hit with any big storms! -sigh-

    Gentle hugs...

  2. Did grocery shopping in the rain this morning here in Warsaw.
    Oklahoma and Kansas City have gotten hit hard.
    Happy your son feels better. I have a son in Independence and a daughter in Leawood, Kansas.
    The sunset picture is beautiful.

  3. I love your background - blue is my favorite color. Very nice! I have been so busy that I haven't had a chance to check out your blog lately. I enjoyed catching up on all that I have missed. Nice cloud pictures! Take care. A

  4. Your pictures are fabulous! I love pictures of storm clouds - I usually don't even mind the storms!

    Hope your son is feeling better - nothing worse than a good case of food poisoning :-(

    I really like your blog, blue and brown look so good together. I like the way the page is highlighted, it looks like it is sitting up off of the blue, very pretty!

    Hope you had a great anniversary - we always need to celebrate such wonderful mile markers!