Sunday, May 9, 2010

A wonderful surprise!

What a wonderful day and a nice surprise! 
Hope you have had a nice Mother's Day, too.

We were getting ready to go out to eat.  I thought my husband and daughter were taking me out of town for a nice Mother's Day meal and I heard this voice coming from the living room saying "Dinner plans are canceled".  I thought to myself..."Hub's voice sure sounds different"...and then I said loudly, "What?"  And then I heard again, "Dinner plans have been canceled."  Then, I recognized that the voice was indeed my son and not my hubby's.   I was really surprised and so glad to see him!  It was the nicest surprise I have had in a while!  And the first Mother's Day that he has been able to be here in a long time. 

I had thought that it would be nice to have him home today, but he had just driven to KC from San Antonio Friday with the remainder of his belongings and had a lot of work to do Saturday in getting settled in his new apartment.  So, I just thought that he would be too busy to drive in.  It is about 2 hours away.
He had called earlier and he sounded busy and said he was doing a little shopping and he was sorry but my card would be a little late.  What a kidder!  He was shopping for steaks, and other goodies so we would grill and eat here when he got here.  He had his sister in on the deal to stall us and keep us from going out earlier like we wanted to.  Frankly, I was getting a little aggravated because she was dragging her heels getting ready to go!  Now I know why!  Don't you just love a good surprise?  They really pulled a good one. 

The above card was from him and a reminder of days of old when he lived at home and had the messiest room in the universe.  He always finds the cutest cards.  The lovely bouquet of lilies in the first pic are from him, too.  

This was the sweet card from my daughter.  My little point and shoot camera doesn't take the best close-ups and this card is really pale pink! 
She gave me a beautiful purse that I had looked at one day when we were shopping.  I love purses and this was a welcome gift.

We had a wonderful meal and a good visit.  The time just flew by.  The whole weekend was very nice although very cool and windy.  I think we are having what they call a "blackberry winter".  That is when is turns pretty cool or cold after the blackberries start bloomingWell, this is Missouri and you never know what will happen weather-wise.  I bought quite a few flowers for my pots Friday and Saturday, but had to leave them in the garage because there was danger of frost last night! 

Until next time...


  1. It sounds like you had a fantastic Mother's Day! I love surprises - especially from my kids.

    I wish someone would pick out a cute purse for me, it's my least favorite thing to shop for - I better have a talk with my girls ;O) Have a wonderful Monday!


  2. What an awesome Mother's Day surprise. Isn't it wonderful when our children pull something like this on us. I am sure you were smiling all day.
    Thanks for sharing.