Sunday, May 2, 2010

A good week and weekend

I have enjoyed the last week so much!  It was so nice to finally feel like myself again (I was sick for a week or more with a nasty virus) and then I got to see a dear friend of mine who now lives in Oregon.  We were in school together and have been friends ever since.  It had been four years since she and her husband were last here in MO.  She came in alone this time to go to an aunt's 100th birthday celebration.  We went to lunch last Monday and had a good visit.  The neatest thing older gent came into the little cafe where we were eating and ordered a meal, ate it and left.  We didn't know it until we asked for our check, but he had paid for our meal, too, when he left!  How kind and generous! 

We had a good weekend in spite of more rain.  My daughter and I took a road trip to Moberly.  We stopped by an interesting shop and browsed around.  Then we stopped by a couple of parks to see what they looked like this time of year.
Here are a few pics I took:

 The above pics are in a small park called Lion Beuth Park.
It was so quiet and peaceful there with many birds
singing, geese swimming and a few people were fishing
in the small lake.
We walked across the interesting bridge that was once
part of a train and a boy came along and threw a line out.
He said he hadn't had any luck so far! 

This lake is in Moberly's largest park.  We were 
at the other end of the lake and tried to get a
photo there, but too many people were strolling 
around and feeding the geese! 

We had lunch at Golden Corral and did some more shopping and before long it was time to head for home.  A good day spent with my daughter.

Hubby stayed home and went looking for mushrooms, but didn't find any.  They seem to be a little scarce so far this year.

We heard from our son who had driven a U-Haul full of his belongings from Texas to KC over the weekend.  He flew back to Texas today and will drive up to KC next Fri. when his apt. will be available.  He stored his things in a friend's garage for now.  We will be going to see him when he gets settled in.  It sure will be great having him closer.  But he will still have to fly back and forth to Texas for work until someone can take over his territory there.  His job requires him to do a lot of traveling, so it won't be anything new for him.  

I hope everyone has a great start to the new week!

Until next time...


  1. 'Aunt Amelia' was here. But her back still hurts. :-(

  2. Sounds like you did have a wonderful week-end! I love re-uniting with old friends, and what a kind gesture from the gentleman who paid for your lunch - there are a few really good people out in the world!

    I loved the pictures of your adventure with your daughter - my kind of places, the old buckets and watering cans really caught my eye, I love things like that! Have a wonderful week and thanks for sharing with us!