Friday, March 5, 2010


Some random thoughts that passed through the windmills of my mind this week: 

   ~I don't blog often I really want to keep doing this?  
   ~Think Stormy (our kitten) needs to see a shrink.
   ~People who pass on double yellow lines and in curves, up hills really tick me off.
   ~I would like to live somewhere else before I'm too old to pack and move.
   ~I wish I could turn back the clock 20 years and not have had the broken ankle which has hurt 
     a lot all this week.
   ~Am tired of pain.
   ~I love Branson, Missouri.
   ~I really do enjoy blogging whether I do it very often or not.
   ~Is it really March and spring is around the corner?
   ~What the heck am I going to wear this spring?  What did I wear last spring?  Why did I go off my
   ~Why did they have to ask me to work extra hours this week?  I might as well have kept working
     full time. 
   ~My son was here for a brief was so good to see him. 
   ~I'm a lucky mom to have such wonderful, smart, healthy, good looking children.  And they are  
     so good hearted, too. 
   ~I wonder if we would like living in Branson after retirement?
   ~Yuk, I really don't want to make that appointment for the 5 year colonoscopy checkup.   
   ~I'm hungry for something, but I don't know what it is...probably whatever I don't have to cook 
   ~I love iced tea.  And Pepsi.  I need to drink more water.  
   ~Am so tired of hearing about how bad the economy is and how much worse it could get.  
   ~Why don't they leave the health care alone and concentrate on how to help the economy and 
     create jobs instead of creating more debt?  
   ~I need to get more sleep, I feel sleep deprived.
   ~I like Leno better than Letterman, and never liked Conan.  
   ~Why do I sweat when I clean house and it is cold outside?  
   ~I need a nap.
   ~Wish I could understand what Stormy is trying to say when she meows at me.  
And last, but not least....I think I think too much.  And the above is just a sampling.  :)

Until next time...


  1. Well, that was a funny list! I can just imagine your mind rambling. Hmmmm...Branson is a great vacation spot, but I don't think I would want to live there. Maybe somewhere out in the country between there & Springfield might be nice! ... Have you ever been to a little tea room & antique mall at Ozark, MO.? My cousin & I stumbled upon in a few years ago & it was a nice little place.

    Keep on blogging...even if just to jot down your thoughts for yourself.

  2. I probably wouldn't like Branson when they are in full tourist season. The country sounds nice, something close to Branson.

    Haven't been to the tea room you mentioned. Do you remember the name? Will have to look it up sometime.

    Thanks for the encouragement to keep blogging! I will, maybe someday before long I'll have more time to devote to it. I've got some photos and stories to share when I have time.