Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Little Store

One day late last fall, the Hubs and I took a drive in the countryside where I grew up.  We pulled off the blacktop and drove down a few yards on a gravel road that goes past an old abandoned, dilapidated and very small building that was once what I refer to now as our first convenience store.  In that farming community, that is.  We stopped and I got out and walked through the weeds to get this picture.  

You can tell by the door and windows that it was probably no more than 20 feet across and maybe 35 feet deep, if that.  And the couple who ran the store also lived in it!  The front part had the counter and shelves that held the assorted candy bars, chewing gum, bubble gum and a few canned goods, cigarettes and tobacco.  There was a cooler for the soda.  I don't remember much of what they sold, as I was just a youngster when it was open and, of course, all I was interested in was a soda pop and candy bar...those were real treats in those days!  My brothers and I usually could have one or the other, but not both unless we'd been really good.

There was a small pot belly stove in the corner that had a few wooden chairs sitting around for the folks to sit and visit a spell, as they used to say.  "Cap'n", as the man was called,  wore bib overalls and his missus, that I remember had gray hair always worn in a bun, was the one who waited on folks behind the counter.   I remember his spittoon sitting beside his wooden rocker that he regularly used.  Lots of gossip and talk about the crops and the price of livestock and whatnot took place in that small store.  

About midway of the building there was a curtained door that led back into the living quarters.  I always wanted to see back in there, being the curious sort that I am, but was never invited to.  I can't imagine how two people lived in such small quarters, but they did and for several years.  Wish I could remember just exactly how many years the store was open and more about the people, but they were older people and I'm sure poor health or maybe age made them give up the store and move away.

While thinking about the store, I realized that I never knew the actual name of it or even if it had one.  It was just always called  "Little's Store" which was very apropos, being as it was also the last name of the couple who lived there and it was definitely little!  

Hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane with me.  I have more photos and stories to share.  We took some pictures that same day of a couple of one room schools like the one I attended for 6 years.  Will share those one day.

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  1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for commenting that you are happy at my good news. This is appreciated much!

    Btw, reading and commenting in the blogs of others, is the best way to gain readership for one's own blog. But I think you know that, already. :-)

    When one begins to blog, it may seem like *forever* before we get a following. But if we persevere and keep doing our blog, as it suits us... And visiting others who seem to have similar feelings... Well, they will come. :-) We'll have our own readers/commenters. And we'll be reading/commenting in their blogs. And it is nice.

    I've skimmed through your blog and you should have more readers/commenters! So there! "Aunty A. sezzzzzzzzzzzzzz!" Have you had the time to click on your own Interests, in your own Profile Page and visit others, who seem similar? That's a way to find "Kindred Souls" too. :-)

    I butt in here, and say these things, because I'd hate for you to become discouraged, and stop blogging. Or slow down too much. :-) It is a joy! I don't want anyone to miss out on it. :-)

    Gentle hugs...

  2. What a precious photo, from out of your past. I'm so glad you bothered to take this picture. Things just disappear, every day. At least this old store, will be forever commemorated, here.

    And lovely memories, to go with the photo. I too remember, quaint old stores where I grew up. So different from the stores of today! Memories. Memories. It's nice to keep memories alive...

    Gentle hugs...

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  4. Thanks for dropping by, Aunty A! I appreciate your comments.

    I don't think I'll stop blogging, it's fun and as I told my daughter, I think of it as an online diary. Probably haven't worried as much about getting traffic as I should, but I just haven't had much time to devote to this commenting thing as I'd like. Maybe when the work slows down, because I know "I" have sure slowed down. :) When I get home from work, I might open up a few blogs to read and see what's going on out there, but seldom have the energy or wits to make an intelligent comment.

    As for the Blogger Settings? Not sure what you mean there. I do have a lot to learn, that's for sure, so if you see something I could change for the better...feel free to let me know!

    Have a great day and stay well!

  5. Oh. I forgot to add that no one (except Hub and kids) knows about my blog. Haven't decided to tell any one I know yet. We're not in the witness protection program or anything, but we're pretty private people. :)
    Besides, I might want to talk about some of these people sometime!

    I've also chosen not to publish any photos of myself or family for now. But, I have scads of photos of other stuff plus my fur baby to share when I get around to it!