Saturday, February 20, 2010

Choosing a recipe

I love reading recipe books and have collected quite a I have lots of recipes I've torn out of magazines through the years or bookmarked on my computer.  Recipes jotted down on scrap paper that I've heard on the radio or television or given to me by a friend at work...or over the phone.  Here are a few of my favorite go-to books when I want a new recipe to try out:

When I want to use the crockpot.

A sentimental favorite given to me
by my late brother who lived in Texas.

Who could go wrong with BH&G?  My son
gave me this book a few Christmases ago.

Wonderful, simple down-home cooking 
and stories.  A nostalgic trip down
 memory lane for someone like myself
who grew up on a midwest farm.  

A favorite Gooseberry Patch cookbook,
Autumn flavored.

 Gooseberry Patch - Country Christmas

This is one of my newest books.  It was
sent to my husband for helping out during a huge
storm last year.  It is over 500 pages and full
of delicious looking recipes contributed by 
many good cooks in the area.  

It's about time to be thinking of what to fix for supper.  Around here, the evening meal is generally referred to as "supper".  What are you fixing?  Will you be trying out a new recipe this weekend?  I'm going to be making a new bread called Praline-Apple Bread I found in a Southern Living magazine.  Will share the recipe and hopefully a picture when it's done.  As for supper, it will be something easy to fix with the hamburger I bought yesterday.  Those are usually my favorite dishes, quick and easy!  

Until next time...

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