Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Can't quite believe it.  A week gone already and I still have to get the house decorated for Christmas.  It's going to be difficult trying to decorate around our newest family member who just happens to be into everything.  I'm talking about Stormy, the kitten my hubby found wondering around alone one night.  Hub is a lineman and was called out to work one stormy night this past June.  When he returned to the building to park the bucket truck after the job was done and was walking to his vehicle to return home, he saw this little kitten walking toward him meowing.  He looked around and didn't see any other kittens or their momma, so he picked her up and brought her home!  He didn't think she would have wondered off by herself so far from the closest homes and decided she must have been dumped out there.  He woke me up around 2 am when he got home and said to get up and look down the hall...and there she was.  My first thought was "but she isn't a Calico" but we all fell in love with her anyway.  Our son happened to be visiting that weekend and he chose the name Stormy for her.  We watched the local newspaper for a couple of weeks in case someone reported her missing, all the while hoping no one did.

Here is the source of our Christmas decorating dilemma.  The photo was taken as our daughter placed a punch bowl she had borrowed on my table.  She had taken it somewhere and had it wrapped in a bath towel to keep it from getting broken.  Stormy, the always curious kitten, had to investigate and climbed in.  And, no, we don't like her jumping on the table, but this was too cute not to take a picture of.

She is so sweet, but also a lot of work at the moment.  She is into everything and has been known to climb my sheers in the living room window!  My husband isn't any help at all...he just laughs at her antics and lets her get away with anything.  And this is from a man who was previously not a big fan of cats and had said no to having one in the house again!  He has really enjoyed her and gets a little testy when I am aggravated after hauling her out of trouble for the umpteenth time and tell him that I'm going to give her away.  It is fair to say that he is totally smitten.  Now if we can just figure out how we're going to put up a tree without her climbing into it and knocking it over or destroying all the ornaments!!

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  1. How precious! Your little Stormy looks so cute and comfy in the punch bowl.