Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Where I've Been...

~Sunrise at Branson~

Our little fall getaway was a spur of the moment decision.  Love those!  Fortunately, BG still has plenty of vacation days from work and was able to take off.  He had promised me, after all, that we would go back to Branson while the Harvest Festival was going on at Silver Dollar City and Oct. 16 was their last day.  I gently reminded him that he should always keep his promises, so we packed a bag and off we went!  

First thing BG does when we arrive at the condo is unpack his ashtray and put it out on the deck.  ha!  Since we weren't having visitors this trip, we opted to rent a one bedroom condo.  It was very nicely decorated in an outdoorsy theme and we loved it.

The second thing Mr. Excitement BG does is take a little nap while I unpack.  It is a 4 hour drive for us to Branson, not a real long trip but I suppose it is exhausting when you are the back-seat driver. lol!  

I thought you might like seeing more of the condo.  Here is the dining area and kitchen, the bedrooms are all on the right.  They lock up one bedroom and bath to rent it as a one-bedroom condo.  This condo is a bit smaller than the one we usually stay in, but plenty big enough for us.  There is a washer and dryer behind the folding doors in the kitchen.

Not a very good shot, but we enjoyed watching the full Hunter's Moon coming up over the lake.  

This was a hazy shot, but you might see a bit of color in the trees.  I'm afraid the color won't be that great because it has been very dry in Branson this year, so many trees have already turned brown.  The lake levels are way low.

We have season passes for SDC so we parked in the preferred parking area.  We still had a good walk up to the gate where we boarded a small bus to take us to the entrance. 

Mums greet us as we get off the bus...the park is beautifully decorated for fall.  Mums, pumpkins, sunflowers, fall wreaths and scarecrows galore!

This fall festival had many craftsmen showing off their skills in addition to the usual ones that are at the park during the year.

We always take time to stop and listen to the Homestead Pickers.  They are very talented, most of them can play several different instruments.  

I spotted this sign on the wall when I stopped in at Sullivan's Mill for a loaf of their yummy cinnamon bread.  It made me laugh!  

Some beautiful fall leaves at the park.  It was a very nice, warm day!

In spite of spending around 5 hours in the park, we didn't see even half of it.  My knee wouldn't allow me to walk any further, but what we saw was fun and we enjoyed ourselves even with a few aches and pains.  

We had a great time in Branson even though we didn't venture too far from the condo most days.  The drive home Monday was a challenge.  It was a pretty day, but the wind was blowing so hard!!  We were thankful to get home safely from another wonderful stay in Branson.  More memories to relive on those long, dreary winter days that will be here before long.  

See you soon!

xo Cheryl     


  1. welcome home and glad you had a good vacation. love the pics of the condo. looks perfect to me. if you rent the condo in Dec do they decorate that Christmas tree? or is it for DIY Christmas and you do it. LOL... smiling at locking the bedroom but what ever works. I would like SDC but like you would not be able to do the whole thing

  2. What a fun trip! Nice that you had a great little condo to yourselves, and with washer and dryer too.. makes it a nice trip, that way laundry can be washed up and packed to go home, and decrease the amount of unpacking to do ...yay!
    SDC is a great looking place and someday I hope to visit.
    Thanks for sharing your pictures and trip highlights :)

    Warm wishes..

  3. We have never been to Branson but it looks like fun and it is beautiful.
    I hope you will share this Thursday at Thoughts of Home.
    Just stop by my blog to join in.

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  4. Your condo looks lovely! One would think you are in a high end cabin! a great fall adventure!

  5. Sounds like a fun get away.The pictures are lovely.

  6. Hi Cheryl~

    What a fun getaway! The colors were so beautiful, and what a beautiful view you had, it looked like the weather held out for you! I'm going to make it to, Branson one day... :0)


  7. Cheryl, So glad you and your husband could get away for time together. You are right...keep promises, especially if it's for each other. I loved your pictures. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  8. Sounds like a lot of fun, and looks like you had a great place to stay. XO Laura

  9. I love an autumn getaway, partly because the weather is usually more pleasant. I could be happy staying in that condo!!

  10. That condo is so nice! No wonder you enjoyed your time there. I don't know if I could go walking about for hours at a time, but hopefully there are plenty of places to sit a spell. I always like your posts about beautiful Branson.

  11. How fun! I love your pictures. You guys deserve a vacation and this is a great time of year, weather wise.

    Funny that hubby and I have been talking about St. Louis and Branson a lot. An eight hour drive from Chicago but only an hour flight. Hmmmm...and $54 one way. Sounds pretty good! Someday, I hope.


  12. That's so sweet, I just love that you took an impromptu trip and the condo looks so charming. Especially that view!

  13. I haven't been to SDC in years . . . and I live about 3 hours away. I always think about going, but never do. I need to make my husband take a trip. It is gorgeous, especially this time of year! Blessings my friend!

  14. Looks like hubby is comfortable on that couch. Glad you had a good time!

  15. When you mentioned a get a way I knew that was where you were headed. Love your condo and that view. You make me want to check out SDC now.

  16. I love your Branson trips. I think your one bedroom condo looks fun and cozy. it sounds so relaxing; I would love a moment there. You photos of your trip are lovely. I really hope to visit Branson someday. I am happy for you to get a nice relaxing adventure. Sending loving thoughts your way!

  17. Silver Dollar City looks like a lot of fun and kind of reminds me of Dollywood in a country way. I love it! Your condo looks really comfortable. Glad you had a good and a safe trip there and back.