Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Since Last Time

~a volunteer sunflower growing near the bird feeder~

It's been a busy time since I saw you last.  Some of it a good 
busy and some not so good.

~an unedited photo of a new variety I tried this year, taken facing the sun~

My uncle fell and broke his hip Wednesday evening.  His 
surgery was on Friday as they had to get his blood
thickened before surgery.  He was moved to a skilled care
facility yesterday for therapy and to recuperate.  He is 86 years
of age and such a dear man.  I hope he will be able to walk again.
 My sweet aunt is not very well herself, and is trying
to visit him and is just worn out.  Some decisions will soon
need to be made for the future, I'm sure.  It's not easy to think
about for either one of them, as they have been independent 
for so long.  

~yet another variety of sunflower I planted this year~

  I had lunch with an old friend that I haven't seen in quite 
a while Saturday.  We spent probably 3 hours visiting and that was
not enough time to catch up as we never run out of things to
talk about.

We got together with several of BG's cousins Saturday evening.  
One of the cousins lives in Kansas and we hadn't seen her in quite a while.  We enjoyed a nice meal and heard some funny stories.  

The past several days have just flown by in a busy blur and 
Sunday was one of those days where I just crashed and 
said that I wasn't going to do anything but rest.  And
that is what I did.

~I cropped this photo and that's when I noticed the butterfly~ 
Our weather is going to be wonderful the next few days with
the temps in the 70's!  My aunt doesn't need me today as
she has a ride to visit her husband, so I'm going to take 
advantage of this cooler weather and pull weeds in my flower
gardens.  How they manage to grow through the black mat 
and mulch is beyond me!

Hope your week is off to a good start.  I'll be visiting blogs
when I can, I have some catching up to do.  

Happy Tuesday to you!
xo Cheryl


  1. Hi Cheryl Sorry to hear about your uncle but hope he improves quickly. you have been very busy however your flowers photographs are wonderful. A delight to see first thing in the morning. Have a great week.

  2. Loved seeing your flowers . . . wonderful photos.
    Losing ones independence is very difficult . . . I hope your uncle can rally a bit and life can bring some better days for him and your aunt . . .

  3. Your sunflowers are beautiful! I am sending good wishes and prayers to your aunt and uncle.

  4. I loved the gorgeous pictures but so sad to hear about your uncle breaking his hip. Yes, sounds like decisions will have to be made before too many years pass by. That's a tough thing to go through.

  5. send cool air please... we woke up to 79 degrees and climbing with humidity so thick we are breathing water.
    so sorry to hear about your uncle and I know how hard it is to think about what they will have to do for the future. your flowers are all beautiful.. enjoy your day off pulling weeds.

  6. Cheryl,
    Sorry to read about your uncle. Poor dear... hope that he is on the mend and out of the care facility soon.
    Wishing better days for both he and his wife.

    Your flowers are so pretty, and delightfully cheerful. Ah.. the weeds... they always seem to grow, don't they.

    Glad you enjoyed meeting up with a dear friend, and visiting with family. Good memory making moments.

    Have a great day.


  7. Cheryl, Sorry to hear that about your aunt and uncle. It is sad to see people we love so much, fall to mishaps of old age. I wish them God speed in recovery. Your flowers are beautiful. It's cooler here today also. More fall like. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  8. so sorry for your uncle. bless them both.

  9. It's a busy time of year. I'll keep your aunt and uncle in my prayers. Take care and enjoy your week! Hugs, Diane

  10. Cheryl...I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle....and your aunt as well. Unfortunately this happens so often as folks age. Hoping that they both get the care they need and are able to recover. Your photos are so beautiful...love the sunflowers so much and I LOVE that reddish variety! Have a blessed week!

  11. Oh Cheryl. So sorry to hear this news. Bless his heart and your aunts too. I know it makes for difficult times.
    Prayers for your family. Outstanding photos of some gorgeous flowers. So very pretty! Have a blessed day

  12. wow, gorgeous photos and i'm sorry about both your aunt and uncle...sad to see our family age isn't it? :(

  13. I am so sorry about your uncle! The butterfly is very well camouflaged. I am loving your sunflower shots! The orange one in the second picture...the color is amazing! They had them in our grocery store last year and I took many pictures, but I thought they had to be dyed. Now I guess not! Your first sunflower is outrageously awesome with that huge seed head! I bet the birds love it!

  14. It's fun to see what shows up in a cropping.

    Oh your poor uncle and aunt. It is not easy to see those whom we still think of as being our age growing older and needing some help. With enough time, it comes to us all. Hope that whatever decisions must be made that they will be the very best.

  15. Sorry about your Uncle. CH and I find ourselves already having to make decisions. Pretty flowers!

  16. So sorry to hear about your uncle. Praying that the Lord will grant grace to him and his wife and all those who love them.

    (I am a tad jealous of your 70 degree weather. We are sweltering here in the Mid-Atlantic. It could be hotter...but probably not any more humid. We're hoping we'll get a touch of that Polar Vortex.) :)

  17. That is surely sad for your Aunt/Uncle.
    I'm so glad you had fun with your long-time friend. Funny, how the conversation never stalls with an old friend!
    Your flowers/photos are gorgeous. Don't work too hard weeding. I hope you have a nice day.

  18. I will be praying for your Uncle that he recovers well and can walk again. Also, prayers for your sweet Aunt. Getting old is really not fun sometimes. The last few months I have lost an Aunt i was very close too, my dear brother and just recently a really dear cousin. My Aunt was 100 years old and my cousin was 91 years old. I can relate to your love and concern. I have connected through these experiences with their children and feel so blessed to be closer to them.
    It is interesting, I too just had lunch with a dear friend I hadn't seen for a long time and we spent about 3 hours and could have gone longer. I treasure those moments. I loved all the pictures of your flowers.
    Blessings and hugs!

  19. I m so sorry about your uncle.
    Your sunflowers are beautiful !

  20. Hi There, It's good to hear from you --but sorry about your uncle. (and aunt).... Prayers for both of them...

    I'm having a very busy summer too---and just can't get everything done that I want to do... Am cutting back some on blogging ---so maybe ??? that will help...


  21. Your sunflowers are lovely.. The new color is beautiful too. You do have a wonderful garden.. Sorry about your uncle, I will pray he recovers well and can walk.. Take care and enjoy the rest of your week!

  22. So sorry about your uncle but they have come a long way now days repairing broken hips. It use to be the worst fear of the elderly. My Mom did hers in her 80's and recovered just fine. I will put them both in my prayers.
    I LOVE that red sunflower. It is beautiful. See your are growing your own birdseed.

  23. Your Aunt is going through what I fear. Howard is 80 now and I am right behind him. Our birthdays are in October. My Mother and other relatives have lived just until their mid to late 80's and then we were faced with the same thing you are faced with. Their care. I have all of this staring me in the face now and it is a concern. We have had to hire a gardener as it became a bit much for Howard to do.
    I so dread losing my independence. When Howard goes out in the car as he JUST did, I begin to worry if he is gone longer than I think he should be. I drive less and less..and that also worries me. I thought these days would never come..and here they are, right in front of me and closing in fast. These past six years have just flown by.
    Your flower photo's are beautiful and the sunflower with the red hues is gorgeous. I especially loved your surprise of a butterfly...right there and not seen. Isn't it wonderful? :)

  24. oh, wow, you have had a busy time away. sorry to hear about your Uncle. hope that is a quick recovery. love all the sunflowers. so pretty. ( :

  25. hope your uncle feels better soon.

  26. Very sad news about your uncle, Cheryl, and hope that with time and skilled care he will be mobile again. Remaining independent for as long as possible is the goal of many. Glad you had some time with family and a good friend when time always goes by so fast. Weeding is never fun and I too wonder how they get through the weed barrier and pine straw mukch.

  27. I hope your uncle has a good recovery and able to walk again. Your flowers are beautiful.

  28. Oh, I'm so sorry about your uncle. Will be praying for recovery and/or strength for all. I LOVE (am shouting) your flower photos. And--the weather is so perfect, I can't stand it.


  29. What a beauty that butterfly is...such rich dark colors. I'm so sorry for your Uncle, falling isn't a good thing at any age, hope all goes well for him.