Monday, July 21, 2014

A Good Weekend And A List

We will be eating apples soon from our new little orchard!  We have both peach and apples on 7 trees.  This first tree is a very slim dwarf tree but is just loaded with apples, as you can see.

Our son came home Friday evening for the weekend.  We had a little family conference and set some goals that we want to accomplish.  I do believe we are among the biggest procrastinators around.  We made it into a little contest to make it interesting and to spur us on to accomplish said goals.  One major job on our end is to be done by the end of August.  I'll talk more about it later, but I can say that it involves sheetrock and paint.  

I may have mentioned this before, but I love to make lists.  Here are a few things that I love:
1.  A beautiful weekend with all my family.

2.  A happy, loving kitty...Stormy had developed some matted fur on her back and it has been very hard to get her to hold still long enough to get it cut off.  I told BG that I probably would be making an appointment with the vet to get the job done.  I think she understands most things I say!  Between the both of us, we managed to get the offending fur cut away just recently.  She is very happy and feels so much better now!
3.  Animals...there is a very wonderful story that made me cry about a rescued 50 year old elephant in the news.  Here is the link if you haven't seen the story.

4.  Fresh veggies from the garden...I gathered more cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and zucchini from the garden yesterday.  What is your favorite garden vegetable? 
5.  A good pasta salad...I made a pasta salad with cheese-filled tortellini and added some of the cukes and cherry tomatoes from the garden.  I also added some red onion and poured a bit of Paul Newman's Olive Oil and Vinegar salad dressing over it, with an extra shake or two of olive oil, and tossed and served.  Yum!  I try to change up my salads as we eat them fairly often in the summer.  What is your favorite pasta salad?

After enjoying a week of wonderful weather and cooler temps, it is getting HOT again.  Hope you are enjoying your summer wherever you are!

Note:  I'm still having a problem with some of my comments not showing up, as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago.  Anyone else still having this problem, too?

Happy Monday to you!
xo Cheryl


  1. Glad Stormy is feeling better with that matted fur gone. I love asparagus. So exciting about your trees bearing fruit.

  2. Cheryl, I have never seen so many apples on one branches. Glad you fixed the cat. I love carrots. But also nothing like a perfect tomato grown by yourself.xoxo,Susie

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend and your garden is producing a great crop of eatables.

  4. you and me both in regards to pasta salad! :)

    How wonderful to see all of those apples coming along / I'd be excited too!

  5. Oh the apples sound delicious ours are just starting from a delayed summer I hope they make it. I am still having comment not showing up comments.
    Enjoy you veggies, the nice pretty comfortable kitty and your day it is going to be a busy one baling hay for me. Hug B

  6. I am a list maker too and it seems as I get older it is easier to put things off without one. Your apples look so good I could just come over and steal some.

  7. Now that is an enjoyable list. I so envy you your apples. Growing them here is iffy due to Cedar Rust.
    There are some sites I have trouble with also and I had to lessen my privacy settings to get through. Think it is a new thing.

  8. i am curious about the comment issues. wonder what is going on? sorry to hear you are having trouble. i just read the comment above. i have noticed a lot of the website tell me about their cookies. but i didn't know that was anything new. just that they are telling me they are there. ( :

    those apples look just delicious. nothing like a fresh summer apple.

  9. the only way I get anything done, and that includes housework, is to make a list and check it off.. good luck with your list and the sheet rock and paint. OH MY.. sounds harder than housework...tomatoes are my fav, cucumbers second and yellow squash 3rd... i like eating warm tomatoes off the bush. that is a LOT of apples on one small tree. it looks like it was carefully decorated to be pretty

  10. the apple tree IS loaded! wow! favorite garden veggie - hmmm. love potatoes, carrots, radishes, peas... :)

  11. By far our favorite garden item is the spring lettuce. We will plant some more soon to have fall lettuce. Sadly all my home canned cutie (Oranges) are gone so I will have to use canned store bought mandarin oranges.

    I can't wait to see your construction project!!

  12. Wow!!!!! The Apple tree looks great with all those apples on it. Well, love potatoes, carrots, yellow beans fresh from the garden, Blessings Francine.

  13. it's amazing that little tree can hold so many apples! i read about that elephant too, so sad that it has lived so long abused like that. the pasta salad sounds good, i'll have to try it, have never used cheese tortellini before!

  14. Those apples! Favorite garden vegetable.. green beans!

  15. I love fresh fruit...nothing tastes sweeter! Not sure about the comments. I should probably check! Sweet hugs, Diane

  16. Hi Cheryl, No blog problems that I'm aware of..... BUT--I do know that Blogger can be very slow --and I'm not always sure that my comments actually get posted into that blog....????

    Glad you had a good weekend --and glad you made some goals. Making goals is a good thing --and keeps us moving forward with projects that we put off .

    I would love your fresh veggies from your garden---and your apples... YUM...

    Have a good day.

  17. Ooohhh...look at those lovely apples! I love fresh produce from my son's garden too...your pasta salad sounds wonderful too!

  18. Wow! Your orchard looks like it's doing great!!

    Nice to have lists, as it feels good to put a check mark next to those goals and feel a sense of accomplishment!

    We love this time of year too... with all the fresh, delicious produce, it's hard not to have wonderful meals!!

    Have a good one.

  19. Those apples look wonderful. I am thinking Pie!

  20. The picture of the apple tree is awesome. When you talked about the pasta dish; I remembered I had some spinach pasta that is frozen. I think we will have it tonight for dinner. Awesome, dinner solved.
    It is wonderful when you get the produce from your garden. We didn't get one in this year; which is awful. We will be going to the farmer's market more often.
    Loved this one and blessings for you!

  21. The photos of the apples made me smile..... As you may know, we are in the Nursery other words, we grow trees for a living!! We grow at least 300 to 400 hundred thousand trees each year. About 10 thousand of these are apple trees. Most of these are all shipped up North as apple trees do not fruit very well down here in the South. I am happy to see those big ol' apples on that Beautiful tree......Who knows, that particular tree may have come from our Nursery!! lol.

  22. Applesauce then, Cheryl?
    Listing your blessings is such a good idea!

  23. I love apples and peaches! Your garden veggies sound delicious too. We love tomato, cucumber and onion with Italian dressing. Pasta salads are always refreshing in the summertime.
    So happy your cat cooperated with the hair trim and feels better.

  24. Can't beat home grown fruits and veggies!

  25. I need to plant fruit trees...but the fir trees here might make it hard to get enough fruit, and the orchards are so close by...

    Can almost taste those apples.


  26. Is it okay to say that those apples make me long for autumn just a little? But your summer salad sounds so good, I think I'll linger here in summer until I can try it.

    Lots of things to love here today!

  27. Apple tree's right in your yard! Those apple are gorgeous. We planted Gala apple tree about two years ago now..maybe less and of course we are not getting many apples yet. It's still a baby tree though I do see a few tiny apples this year. Someone told me it would take at least three years. I am now hoping I live to see a crop of apples. We have planted a lemon, two orange tree's a peach tree, and a plum tree. Now we are out of room.
    So far very little fruit but one day maybe someone long after we are gone will enjoy the tree's. I hope so.

    Poor kitty with the matted fur. I am glad you finally got her to let you take it away. Good for you! I have to keep a chose check on Mele for the same thing.
    No veggie garden here. I keep saying "next year" and I never do it. Too easy to just go to the produce stands.
    My favorite pasta salad would probably be macaroni salad with hardboiled eggs, green onions, sweet pickles, pimiento's (sp?) etc. Kraft mayo salad dressingwith a bit of spicy mustard.and seasoning.. Actually anything with pasta is wonderful. :)

  28. I need to get in the habit of making lists...maybe I would get more done. You may be the biggest procrastinators in your area, but I am the star in this state! LOL

    I am always so anxious for tomatoes from our garden...that is one of my favorite things from the garden.

  29. Plenty of apples on that tree . . . One pie could be in the making!