Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer Fun And Friday Randoms

Tomorrow is the first day of summer, sez the calendar.
We've been having nice summery days for a few weeks now.  
Yesterday, BG and I were in the yard working.  He was mowing
and I was pulling weeds in the garden when a sudden 
rain shower opened up and poured on our heads.
Laughing, I ran hurried to the house and, for a brief moment, 
I felt like a kid again.  BG was grinning as he tried to catch 
me on the lawn tractor, but I had a head start.  What 
summertime activity that you did as a youngster do you wish
you could do again?  Or perhaps you still walk through 
the rain puddles or ride carousels or bicycles? 

I planted about 4 rows of zinnias and only part of 2 rows came up.
They haven't bloomed yet so the photo above is from last year.
I saved seeds from my last crop and none of them came up.

 For some indoor summer fun, I'm still loving playing around in Photoscape.  I really like the Watercolor Pencil edit. 
My dream free editing site would combine elements of 
Photoscape with PicMonkey.

I water my flowers in the evening since I'm usually not an 
early morning person.  I put some plant food around the
 flowers the other day and loosened the soil a bit and gave 
them a good talking to.  lol!  Tell me I'm not the only one
that talks to flowers!  So far, most of the flowers
are thriving.  Now that the hot weather has arrived, it will 
be a challenge to keep them healthy.  Some varieties do better 
than others on my concrete patio.

My little fur-girl is part of the reason I'm not an early 
morning person.  Stormy likes to sleep snuggled up next to me and
while it's nice to have that warm, furry little body close in
the winter time, it's not so much fun in the summer.  

Last night she came to bed and climbed up on my pillow and laid
down at the top of my head with her paws draped over my head.
I could feel and hear her purring and I got tickled.
 I was trying not to laugh and at the same time hoping that she 
didn't hear something strange and dig her claws into my head
to propel herself off the bed to go investigate.  She has never
slept there before and I don't think I'll let her make that a habit!

I have been distracted countless times since I began this 
post today.  I think I'm finally finished and ready to hit the
Publish button.  Have a good weekend!  And...

Happy Friday to you!
xo Cheryl  


  1. the cat hat would not be my favorite bedtime attire! :) have a great weekend.

  2. Cheryl, Wish I could snuggle with your cat. I loved your Picmonkey photos. :):) I wish I could go back to church camp as a kid again. I think of the little church in the woods. The pews were just wide boards on cinder blocks. I could see the Lake from the hill the woods was on. I love it so much. Blessings to you,xoxo,Susie

  3. Had to smile about the cat on your head. My kitties like to do that too. makes me crazy. I love summer days from childhood when you sat on the grass and counted buttercups.

  4. I need to send Minnie to live you for a while to learn how to sleep in. She thinks 3 AM is get up time.
    I would like to play kick the can in the evening once more.

  5. I have an entire category for this kind of post. It's one of my favorites to read because it's like having a conversation with you. Let's see, I've just spent the day chasing wiffle balls, playing cars in the dirt pile, tagging boys in Kitty Corner. What I really miss is playing Hide 'n Seek with my cousins after dark and in an apple orchard. What fun!

  6. Your zinnias are beautiful. Looks like you flicked paint on them.

    Glad I'm not the only blogger that likes to sleep in!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. That is a way that beautiful Stormy has of totally owning you! The carousel picture is astounding! It is watercolor pencil, too? Is your yellow zinnia really polka dotted? Well, let's see, from my childhood that I miss...catching lightning bugs in mayonnaise jars, cutting out paper dolls and their clothes, roller skating all the way down our hill with my braids flying behind me, weekly shopping trips with my grandmother,followed by the cafeteria.

  8. I love the effects you've used. That bird looks amazing with your tweaking. Makes me want to play with that watercolor pencil again! Enjoy your weekend my friend! Hugs, Diane

  9. I too smiled about the "cat on the head" . . .
    I like watching a cats paws . . . liked that photo too . . .

  10. Hi Cheryl,

    Your sleepy kitty is adorable. You must have very soft and silky hair for her to snuggle into so comfortably! A horticulturist told me recently that it is definitely better to water flowers in the evening, just as the sun is setting, as it keeps the soil hydrated and doesn't burn it during the hot spells in the day. Your sudden downpour did, indeed, remind me of happy, carefree days as a little girl, sprinting quickly into the house, abandoning our skipping ropes or bicycles in favour of instant hot chocolate by the window as clouds burst into tears!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  11. Lucky you with Stormy! My favorite activity as a kid in the summer, BUT not limited to summer... riding horses and then taking them to the wash rack and getting everyBODY wet! Also walking downtown with my gal pals and ordering french fries and dipping them in a ton of ketchup at the dime store. Swimming at the Elk's Club was an almost everyday activity.. :) Your edits are totally fun and pretty Cheryl. I must check out Photoscape but I have not picked up my camera in months.

  12. And a happy weekend to you, too, Cheryl!
    Sorry your zinnias are not as prolific this year. Is there time to replant?
    Your description of your furbaby sleeping cuddled up to your head...with you trying not to laugh...made me laugh! Our cat sleeps with Bekah and I always peek in when I go up to bed, just to see how they end up! (Pinky has also tried the "up against the head" well as the dreaded "across the neck" position in which she looks like a wannabe mink stole. Crazy!)

  13. i love the idea of photscape and picmonkey married... the thing i did in the summer as a child was the stomping and wading through the puddles. we lived on a dirt street and there was a lot of mud to play in. i also made mud pie cookies and cakes and baked them in the sun

  14. I 'heart' Stormy!!!

    A summer activity that I still do as when a youngster, run barefoot through the rainwater....splashing. Bud thinks I've lost my mind.

  15. love your arty imges. and your little cat made smile!

    happy weekend!

    big hugs! xoxo

  16. love your arty imges. and your little cat made smile!

    happy weekend!

    big hugs! xoxo

  17. Enjoyed seeing the way you changed your photos....Interesting and so neat. Oh my.....the things I would love to go back and do. My brothers and my sister...along with many friends made the woods our Summer (DAY) home... We played cowboys and Indians, we fished, played baseball, and did all kinds of things that I wish kids could get out and do today!! Oh, the things that kids are missing out on!!

  18. I Just walk in the rain...I am not sweet enough to melt:)

  19. I, too, love PhotoScape...
    I never did want to grow up....but, I did anyway. Such fun as a kid...caught lightening bugs with my cousin, went fishing with my daddy...hopscotch and all kinds of fun things.

  20. Luckily, the cats we have now aren't head sleepers. But, we've been there, done that. Love the speckled zinnia.

  21. Ah your kitty lets you sleep in ? What a darling. Boo was up at 4:45 this morning indignantly howling at the neighbors one gets any sleep after that. And he was sleeping in. Maybe your sweetie could teach him a few things.


  22. Yay! Summer is here!
    You made me smile with your story about running in the rain. What a cute couple you are, and still so much in love!!
    We forget how to have fun like a couple of kids, when time marches on, don't we??!! You reminded me to enjoy this summer and be more light-hearted.

    Love the pictures. I've worked with Pic Monkey before, but not PhotoScape. I should check it out.

    Hope today is the beginning of a great week for you!!


  23. I think I need to talk to my flowers. The drought is taking its toll on my garden.

    I use PIcmonkey for most of my editing.

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