Friday, June 27, 2014

My Friday Randoms

My flower gardens are looking so pretty and we've had a lot of nice compliments.  I went to Home Depot Wednesday and found a couple of Knockout Roses to replace the 2 that appear to be dying.  They still had quite a few left and the best part was that they were on sale. 

  This squirrel cracks me up because she appears to be sitting on the sidewalk. 

My hubby, who is now on the hot weather schedule and goes to work at 6 a.m. and comes home at 2:30 p.m., came home yesterday and found a deer in the garden happily munching away on the green beans.  The rascal had eaten most of the tops out of 3 nice rows.  
My daughter had to have a tooth pulled yesterday.  Ouch!   And it was a tooth that had a root canal done on it several years ago.  I drove her to the dentist and decided to check out the river while I was waiting.  The Missouri River is still quite full, as you can see here.   

No, this isn't a two-headed kitty you see here and it is not the rare sighting I'm going to show you tomorrow.  I have to say that, cute as they are, I wish they were rare sightings!  Their mom brings them to us for a day or two, then takes them elsewhere, then back again.  Sigh.  They are feral and we can't catch them to get them to the animal shelter.

I love roosters and hens and had to buy this tole-painted picture when I spotted it at a flea market for pennies.  I know it's around 30 years old because I have a bread box that I bought back then when tole painting was all the rage and it has the same hen painted on it with the artist's name in the lower right corner.  I'm still in the planning stages for a gallery wall in my kitchen and I hope I'll be able to fit this in with my hodgepodge of stuff!  

I'm linking to Tanya's Willy Nilly Friday 5.  I'm so happy she is hosting this party since I've been missing the other one we used to have.  I know this will be a great party, too, so join in the fun!   And, thanks, Tanya!   

Happy Friday to you!  
xo Cheryl 


  1. Oh my, I don't know what happened to my comment! Your flowers are gorgeous, your pictures just get better and better! The cone flowers are beyond any I have seen! And the squirrel has found his own seat to have lunch. I had to stare and stare to finally see it was NOT a two headed cat! What a lucky shot.

  2. That squirrel is too cute for words. Love it sitting there munching away.

  3. Beautiful flowers! The kitties are cute. We have a feral cat living under our utility shed out back. I suspect there are kittens under there, too. Haven't seen them yet. Enjoyed your random.

  4. The kittens are so cute. I wish that people were more responsible for their pets. It's sad that there are feral cats. Fioré, as you know, was a feral kitty. I feel I've done my share and would never adopt another much as I love her. She's a challenge. You, however, have gone way above and beyond.

    Hope that your daughter is feeling much better soon. It's a troublesome thing to have a tooth pulled for sure.

    Well you certainly have kept us on our toes for Saturday. I'll be here, Lord willing!

  5. you have to coolest squirrels ... they make me laugh for sure. have a great friday!! ( :

  6. Oh those deer are hungry and it is so nice of you to help them out:)
    Pretty Kitties too bad no one can take them home.
    Sorry about your daughters tooth but lucky shots for you. Love the Roosters I have always enjoyed them I have one in my garden. Have a nice weekend. Hug B

  7. I used to do the Random 5 once in a while...will have to check the link you shared with us...thanks.

    Love the 'two headed' kitty...too bad they're feral. Cats, I like, 'cause they keep the rodent population down in the neighborhood and house. And your flowers are picture post card get roses on sale is a BIG plus!!

    Hope your daughter is feeling a lot better after the dentist pulling her tooth.

  8. My deepest sympathies for the loss of your bean tops. Hopefully Bambi didn't kill them. OK you got me with the two headed kitty. I was sure that was the surprise. Can't wait to find out what has you so excited.
    Love the shot of the squirrel. Such a cutie.

  9. Love those Fox Squirrels! Our numbers are up this year since the gray squirrels dropped in numbers. It is good to see the Missouri up but we need rain here on The Tiny Ten. Hope your daughter is doing well!

  10. Beautiful Coneflowers, sweet Squirrel. Hope all is well with your daughter, Blessings Francine.

  11. Goodness- maybe some deer off? I don't know if that stuff really works, but now that the deer have found the kitchen, they will be back for more goodies! I hope your daughter is feeling better..

  12. haha i was trying to figure out the kitty picture, it does look like a 2 headed kitty! they are cute...that squirrel is funny, it does look like he's sitting! your flowers are beautiful. i also like to collect roosters, love the little painting you found. do you happen to remember tri-chem paint? when i was a kid my mom was really into it. people would host parties and you could buy the paints. i remember she would buy some things for me to paint. the paint was in a tube and you would paint fabrics with it. it was fun! have a great weekend, thanks so much for linking and i can't wait for the big unveil tomorrow!

  13. cute little 2-headed kitten. ;) but that squirrel cracked me UP! nice that you feed the deer so well.

  14. Good Morning, I always enjoy your pictures and the kittens are so cute. I have a path worn where the deer have gone through my yard. There is a ravine across the road and they come up out of there. My vulture has been back sitting on my roof. Cleaning up the road kill because the people drive faster then the speed limit. I can understand your hubby's hours. I am going to be making some rooster and hen tea towels very shortly. The Missouri River is out in the low lying areas up here. Have a wonderful day. It sounds as though our weekend will be stormy. Take care. Hugs and Prayers from Your NW Missouri Friend.

  15. Great randomness.... except for your daughter getting her tooth worked on....ouch!!!
    I really like that little rooster picture, and I still love Tole painted stuff, even if it's considered out dated.
    Sorry about the pesky deer... seems that everyone in all different parts of the country contend with them.
    I think having a dog around has helped cut them down in our yard.... so far.
    I also used to plant a lot to chive, mint, etc.. around our trees and garden beds at our homestead. Heard it worked and by all accounts, it seemed to.

    Have a happy weekend.

  16. Your randoms are always charming! Love the squirrel and the kittens even though feral. Sweet little babies.

  17. Love the sidewalk sitting squirrel . . .
    And the feral kittens are adorable but bet they are feisty!
    I can count on you for some great views and flowers.
    I hope your daughter is feeling fine with the tooth removal . . .

  18. Your photos and descriptions are fantastic. The two kitten pictures are awesome. You always have great flower ones. The squirrel is so adorable. When we lived in Washington we had deer come down and work on our yard. They would eat all the lower branches of our bushes. I loved the random post and the Rooster is a great find.
    Blessings for the fun pictures today~

  19. I'm looking forward to seeing your gallery wall!
    You would never know the kittens were wild by looking at them.
    They are so sweet.
    Great squirrel photo too, Cheryl.

  20. love the funny squirrel pic and oh my it DID look like a two headed kitty!

  21. That squirrel is so funny and yes that did look like a two headed kitten, we have a feral cat around here too it is brown and white. If only people would spay and neuter their pets:)