Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September Memories

"By all these lovely tokens
September days are here,
With summer’s best of weather
And autumn’s best of cheer."
~Helen Hunt Jackson 

September is one of my favorite months.  It is the month that my favorite season begins.  You can begin to feel fall in the air.  The days may still be plenty warm, but the nights will begin to be much cooler here in the midwest.   

I have fond memories of those first days of school which began after Labor Day when I was young.  I also remember some of the best things about a new school year were the new boxes of crayons, new shoes and outfits to wear for the first time.  I wonder what kids today look forward to about school?  With so much available to most children now, I doubt a simple box of crayons means very much today.

September is a time for vacationing for us.  I'll never forget the vacation in which we took a 2 week car trip out west around 7 or 8 years ago.   We drove through 8 states and stopped at as many sights along the way that we had time for including the fabulous Grand Canyon.  It was a wonderful trip and one that I hope to repeat again.  It was the first ever 2 week trip for us. 

Our very first September vacation as a married couple was to Colorado with our 3 year old daughter.  The highlight of that trip was probably riding the cog wheel train up Pike's Peak in Colorado Springs.   

I'm going to miss going somewhere this month, but we've decided to wait until October to go to Branson for our vacation this year.  I hope we time it right to see the pretty fall colors.  We've already been to Branson a couple of times this year, but they were only long weekend trips.  

September is the month of Hubby's birthday and also the month we became engaged so many years ago.  I remember our favorite song at that time was Unchained Melody.  It remains one of my all-time favorite sappy love songs.         

September is also a month that none of us will forget for what happened to our country on 9/11.  I'll never forget that our country was attacked, but I'll also never forget how most people came together and we were united as a country as we had not been in a very long time.  What has happened?  Have most people already forgotten?  It seems to me that there are many who want to divide our people now. 

My hope for this September, as we remember 9/11 a week from today, is that we will remember the spirit of unity and love for our fellow man that we once shared and put an end to the divisiveness that only harms us.

Do you have any special September memories?   Do you have a vacation planned or a special project at home to work on?  A special celebration coming up?  Do tell....

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  1. that last flower pic is stunning and it got a loud ohhh from me when i got to it. Sept is a wonderful month, tomorrow is my 69th birthday... and i do remember the excitement of new crayons and new clothes and shoes and pencils and paper. true excitement. my mother was born Sept 22, got married on that date and i got married on that date to, my first marriage not this one.

  2. I love September, too. Fall is my favorite season but this year I am trying to hang onto summer just a bit longer.

    My grands are all excited to get a new box of crayons when schools starts and they love picking out their colored pencils and notebooks. It kind of re-lives the times when their Moms were small and headed off to school, too.

    Enjoy your time in Branson-that should be a great time to go. Have a wonderful day- xo Diana

  3. sept now marks a somber time for our family - even though it has been 9 yrs. since we went through a personal tragedy. i have always gotten melancholy as fall sets in up north, but now sept is always tinged with added sadness.

    whew. enough downer for today...

  4. Morning Cheryl, beautiful flowers, great pictures you take......I also love September, such a wonderful month, warm days, cool nights......great time to hit the road, love being at the lake at this time....September Blessings Francine.

  5. Such lovely flowers - I wish they grew in our yard, but too shady, they just get mildewy and sad.

    September is my husband's birthday and our oldest grandson's birthday - he will be 12 in 5 days. September is also our anniversary - 49 years this year - my goodness we were young back then. Kids today of the same age might still be living at home for years from now - it surprises me how immature kids are when they graduate from high school and college these days - maybe the responsibility we had to take on as children helped us to be better prepared for marriage and life in general.

    I too loved the first day of school - and the new school supplies - the two new dresses - the new shoes - the smell of supplies and the smell of the school.

    I still love the first day of school - when the sales start I find reasons to shop for some supplies for myself, even though I don't go to school any more - I just love school supplies.

  6. The photos of your beautiful zinnias are just gorgeous! So enjoyed reading your September memories and your hopes for the future of this country...indivisible under God...right. It sometimes seems impossible. Ohhhh... Branson will be lovely in autumn!

  7. Fall is my favorite time of year as well. I love the cool crisp evenings. I too always loved school and the smell of the pencils and crayons. Takes me back several years just thinking about it. Praying for our country, and that our President will make the right decision about current events. And no, I have not forgotten 9/11, but I too think many people have. Blessings to you!!

  8. Cheryl, your flower photos are beautiful. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on September. I love Unchained Melody. One of my all time favourites from the 60's and it always brings back memories of the summer of '66 I think (or was it '65?). A dance at the yacht club and a 'ladies tag' waltz with the local hunk. lol I'm sure you will have a lovely fall visit to Branson. We don't have any trips planned for fall as we were out west in August. Hugs, Pamela

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  10. Hi Cheryl These flower photographs are stunning, nearly 3D. I loved your memories of past Septembers. I have just come back from vacation so no more in September. We do not have such as good an autumn as you do over on the other side of the pond.

  11. Your first and next to last shots of the zinnias look like velvet! But the next to last is my favorite, it is a stunning macro! Oh my, your September stories!!! The Grand Canyon shot is gorgeous, our family just have returned from there, and Bryce and Painted Desert. I have major tragedies and wonderful things about October and November and January, but not a one in September!

  12. gorgeous images today cheryl!! september is "our" birthday months, so it is a special month!!

    october is my favorite "weather" month. we will be taking a few day/overnight trips now that it is cooler!!

  13. I loved your post today Cheryl.So many good memories....
    And you've sure been to some awesome places. I really hope to get to the Grand Canyon someday.
    I hate what's happened to our country too. It hasn't gotten better, but worse it seems.
    It needs much prayer, for sure.

  14. What a beautiful post , both pictorial and in thought !

  15. I've been to Branson in October. It's lovely.

  16. September is my birthday month! I always have wonderful memories of September going back to school. My Aunt and Mom took me shopping for my Bass Weejuns. Tassels. No new clothes, I had to wear a uniform. I love September, October and November. Hope you have a wonderful vacation Cheryl. Lovely pictures!

  17. What a very lovely post today; I really enjoyed it. I do think Fall brings it's own special moments. I like to feel Fall in the air. It is so beautiful here and I know that the mountains will be arrayed in beautiful color soon.
    I just had my daughter and granddaughter here for a few days. They are from Missouri. Her husband took the rest of the children to Branson. I hear so much about it; I hope someday we can take a trip there
    We talked about taking a road trip for here to New York. I doubt it will happen this year.
    Your pictures were lovely. I do hope you have a beautiful September. I too hope we won't forget 9/11 and that we can become unified again.
    Blessings and hugs!

  18. Fall too is my favorite time of year, your flower photos are stunning! I love September and not because it's my anniversary month (lol).
    I enjoyed your post, as 9/11 brings a lot of memories for me, two of our sons joined up to serve their country.
    Our only special project is getting our barn done before the snow flies :)

  19. Your zinnia photos are spectacular, enjoyed reading of your September memories, I would so love a trip to Branson especially in October. The school memories are like mine, The best of times. Thank you for sharing.

  20. Just adore you zinnias!

    Nothing special planned this month. Just enjoying the last of summer. :)

  21. Oh, my goodness, that last photo is breath taking! Love that flower.

    Our country is so divided and I pray we can find a way to get back together.

  22. As always, your flower pictures are beautiful!! I enjoyed reading your September memories.

    I have fond memories of school beginnings too. From the first day of first grade to the first day of my senior was exciting stuff!

    I still love school! I have been teaching homeschool for 22 years now, and I get as excited as my students for the first day of school!

  23. I remember always starting school in September. My first love's birthday is Sept 9. I don't think I'll ever forget it. Good and
    Gorgeous photos!

  24. Oh, fall is my favorite time of year, too. It is always the month I begin to get homesick for Tennessee...but no plans of going any time soon. So will just live through it.

    I agree, your last flower photo is just superb!

  25. I have good news, my 6-yr. old was so excited to pick out his crayons for school this year. :) It is still the little things that make them happy for school. He's not one for shopping, but he and my daughter (14) both look forward to their school supplies.

    To me that big box of 64 crayons w/a built-in sharpener was a GOLD mine! :) I think I got it once. ;)

    Sept. is my son, hubby, and mom's birthday. It's a good month. :)

    Your sentiment for 9-11 was touching. There's something big to be said for being a united nation.

  26. Lovely photos. For September means the end of summer, the rodeo is in town, and nights get cooler.

  27. Wonderful shots of the flowers. Such a cherry post.
    September reminds me of the county fairs. School age it meant our last fling before school--- today it means a chance to enjoy the fruits of other people's labors, either agriculture or craft.
    I always think of that cool scene in Ghost when I hear Unchained Melody.

  28. Your Zinnina's are the prettiest Zinnias I have ever seen. No kidding.
    I too am loving the cool nights and hope to take some time off. Something keeps coming up at work to stop me.
    The first thing I thought of when you asked what do kids now look forward to? All I know was that last time I was in a High School every kid I saw had their face in a phone. Thumbs flashing!