Monday, November 7, 2011

Saturday's day trip

My daughter and I took a little trip to the Dutch Bakery in Tipton, MO Saturday.  It was a fun afternoon drive.  We actually went about 15 miles past Tipton to Lehman's at Versailles for lunch.  Lehman's is a Mennonite cafe with food that is simple but freshly made and is Oh. So. Good.  They also have fresh homemade bread, cinnamon bread, pies, cookies and other treats for sale.  I left with a loaf of regular bread and a loaf of cinnamon bread.   We headed back to Tipton and to the Dutch Bakery where I bought more goodies.

I couldn't turn down the yummy Caramel Pecan Cinnamon Rolls or the iced Cinnamon Rolls or another loaf of bread!  The other loaves seen in the photo are from Lehman's.  I also bought a bag of oats, a jar of Green Tomato Relish, and some chicken base that I use in my chicken noodle soups and turkey gravy, some cheese and German bologna for sandwiches.  Because I was reasonably certain that after eating a big lunch, I wouldn't be cooking dinner and it would be a sandwich night!  I also bought a Dutch letter which is an almond paste filled pastry shaped in the letters L, O, V, E, S that they sell.  I'd never tried them before and they were very good.   You're probably wondering how we could possibly eat all this?  I will freeze some of these and hope they taste just as fresh later. 

Finally, I bought a bottle of V&V, an all natural herbal supplement.  While wheeling down the aisles, I spotted a woman about my age looking at a brochure and, nosy person that I am, stopped to see what was so interesting.  We started chatting and both of us admitted that we could both use a little vim and vigor at our age, and we both decided that the 14 herbs and spices in a bottle of vinegar were pretty harmless sounding and decided to each buy a bottle and give it a try!  After all the sweets I had just loaded in my cart, the fact that the brochure says, besides all the health benefits you get from drinking V&V, that you might lose weight was the clencher!  I'll let you know if it works.

We felt a little jolt here in mid-Missouri from the earthquake in Oklahoma Saturday night.  Anyone else here in MO or neighboring states feel it? 

Until next time...


  1. I heard about that earth quake! If you are like me...I love sweets too and every once in a while, I will buy something that is to help loose weight, but I don't take it, end up tossing it, but not the sweets! :D

  2. Those Mennonites can really cook. If you get a chance, try the goat cheese. Mercy I love that.
    What a neat place to shop. Hope V&V lives up to the hype.
    Felt nothing here but then I don't feel the ones that occur just 60 miles away. Everyday, strange things are happening.

  3. Cheryl, I love the thought of everything you put in your cart!! Including the hope that a bottle of anything might help me lose weight while enjoying the others. LOL! PLEASE let us know if that stuff works! I'll be on the road to get myself some... and a few other things, too. hee hee. blessings ~ tanna

  4. It's been years since I've been to that store in Tipton. I just might have to make a trip soon. The baked goods look wonderful and the V & V sounds useful too!
    We visit Lehmen's once in a while, their donuts are to die for!
    Yes I felt the EQ, I had just gotten in bed and the house shook! My daughter is in Oklahoma City and was on air at her TV station when it hit!

  5. How lucky you are to have a bulk foods place near you. I want one here!!!

    All your goodies look so yummy. It has been 4 years since sugar has touched my lips so.... I can only enjoy looking at all the sweets.

  6. my husband is from Amish/Mennonite country in PA and he talks about all these foods and misses them. he does not miss the snow and ice, but does miss the food. we have a couple of restaurants here that are Amish but he says it is not the same. his parents were German dutch, so this is his kind of food.

  7. The mennonite's really know how to make good food. And it is so natural. All your bakery goods look yummy, I just put on 5 pounds looking at them.

  8. laughing at the V&V purchase after all your breads and sweets! :)

    didn't feel any of the earth shaking down here in NE Texas...

  9. Your shopping trip sounds like so much fun! Love visiting stores like this and we haven't in YEARS! What is chicken base? Hope your herbal supplement helps! Enjoy your day!

  10. We didn't feel the earthquake this time. I love Lehmans. Love their caramel pudding. Haven't been to the Dutch Bakery in Tipton for a couple of years. What a fun day for you and your daughter! I could use some V&V!!! Enjoy your Monday Cheryl, it's going to be a rain filled week.

  11. Hi Cheryl,

    My daughter lives in Jamestown and she says they definitely felt it. She thought her husband was playing a trick on her and shaking her chair.

    I've been to the Dutch Market in Tipton many times. My dad grew up in Tipton - so I spent most of my Sundays there as a child visiting my Grandma. Lehman's is SOOOOO good! I've never heard of V&V. Let me know how it goes with it. I might have to give it a try.

    Have a wonderful week.


  12. I need some V & V too. The store sounds like great fun. I don't have anything like that near me.

    On our trip to Savannah and Charleston, we did stop at a road side store to buy peach cider and blueberry cider so Christmas presents for our girls. It was wonderful. I needed your baked good to go with it.

  13. For many years I lived close to the Amish country in Pa. I loved going there to their markets, always bought more that I could eat. But they have such good stuff.

  14. All of it looks and sounds so yummy! I love fresh baked bread. Please let us know if the V&V works. :)

    No shaking here in Florida!

  15. I don't know if I should be sad that I don't have a Dutch or Mennonite bakery near me, or happy. I think I'd find it hard to strike a balance. Gosh, that stuff looks delicious!!

    - Leah

  16. Hey! I'd take a tablespoon of that vinegar if it meant I could eat as much as I like and still lose weight. :))

  17. Oh ---what a neat trip you all had... Dinner must have been wonderful ---and I'd go home with all of that special breads, etc. too...

    When we were in NY a few years ago, we visited a little bakery like yours which was run by the Amish up there... Needlessly, we went home with lots of 'goodies' also!!!

    I wondered if you felt the earthquake.... Unbelievable.

  18. Oh man! You are making me so hungry! Those look amazing. Didn't hear about the earthquake here in Utah. Glad all is well.

  19. That bread and pastry looks delish!
    There is a Mennonite bakery in Mississippi where my Mom lives and they are the best cooks.
    Vim and Vigor. Can't wait to see if it works.

  20. I do love me a good bakery :)

    Looks like you are set on tasty treats; how nice to be able to pull something out of the freezer when you get a hankering.

    The vim and vigor reminded me of the 'I love Lucy' Vita-Meata-Veggamin episode :)

  21. earthquake?? really, i had no idea!! always a day late and a dollar short!!

    i could live on bread and def need some v & v!!

  22. That definitely sounds like my kind of Saturday road trip!
    I could sure use some V&V. Let me know how it works out for you!
    Hope it doesn't effect you the way that tonic did Aunt Bee!!

  23. Oh, your purchases look SO good!!! Gosh, you had an earthquake as well?? Well, vinegar has so many health benefits, if you take some before you eat, it is supposed to help acid reflux. And then they have added more good things to this! The name sounds very familiar to me, it must be a very old formula!

  24. I love bakeries like that. We stopped at a small one on our way back to our nephews while we were visiting in TN. She had actually closed and was getting in her car but opened up for us and fixed us devine sandwiches and we all bought a sweet.

    Yes, we have felt 3 of the tremors here. At 2:30 a.m. & at 10:50 p.m. on the 5th and last night (the 7th) at 8:45. The 10:50 p.m. was the big 5.6 one. I'll have to blog about that.

  25. You will have to let me know it that works!! :-) It's so hard to lose weight after 50!

  26. We have many mennonite stores here and go to them often, but I've never eaten at a restaurant. Gotta do it.