Thursday, November 18, 2010

My door is always open...

No, this is not my new fixer-upper!  :)  This is an old shed on my FIL's farm that my son was deer hunting by last weekend.  I thought it made an interesting photo with the sunlight coming in the door.  Son did get a deer, so we will now have deer meat in the freezer.

Here's the outside shot of the shed.  Son took these with his Blackberry in the Sepia tone.  The old shed and the deer hunting there will be a memory soon as the farm is being sold. 

Are you getting ready for Thanksgiving?  We will be in Branson again this year, I can't wait!  Am hoping that the weather is good as I refuse to travel on bad roads.  The forecast doesn't look bad at all. 

Where has the year gone?  Time is flying by and it'll be Christmas soon.  I've already seen some early birds with their trees lit up as I've driven by at night.  We've gotten out our collection of snowmen and santas.  The tree will go up after Thanksgiving...that's soon enough for me.  This year, we're worried about our furbaby toppling it over if she decides to climb it like last year, as she's much heavier than last year when she was a kitten.  Last year's picture of her peeking through the branches in the tree will be this year's Christmas card.

Thanks to all who commented on my last post!  I'll say again that I love blogging and have no intention of stopping.  Although I may have to go on a short hiatus for one reason or another from time to time.  As the photos show above, my door is always open, I'm thankful for good blogging friends and your comments are always appreciated and welcomed.  Stop by any time! 

Until next time...


  1. I love the old barn photos...especially the first one!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Great photos! Have a great time in Branson; I'd love to go there again!

  3. Hi Cheryl!

    Love, love, the pictures of the old shed! Don't you just love the way that sepia can make everything look so mellow and pretty?! I wish we had gotten a dear this year. We normally have deer or elk in the freezer, but this year, in fact, the last couple of years, the wolf have had a big impact on the number of game in our area, so . . . my freezer will have to appreciate beef and chicken!!

    I don't even start to think about decorating for Christmas until at least a week after Thanksgiving - I'm just a stick-in-the-mud I guess, but I think Thanksgiving night is wayyyyy to soon! Although, I too have a big collection of snowmen that I put up at Christmas, and leave up until right before Valentines Day.

    I would love to see the picture of your kitten in the tree! gotta love those furry little buddies! I love cats - my entire family is allergic to them, so if I have one, it has to stay outside...:0(

    I agree, where has the year gone? So much has happened this year, it kind of makes my head spin. I think you have had a very full platter this year too, sweet friend. Let's pray for "calm" next year!

    Here I am talking too much! Have fun in Branson, eat lots of turkey and other yummies, go see lots of fun shows, and have a very happy and safe Thanksgiving!

    Warm hugs,

  4. Hi Cheryl, Glad your son got a deer. You will enjoy that meat all winter. That old shed makes a good 'blind' doesn't it? I know that many in your family will miss that old farm once it is sold.

    Hope you enjoy your trip to Branson. That is a nice way to enjoy Thanksgiving.


  5. Beautiful pictures! Travel safely and enjoy your time in Branson.
    Happy Thanksgiving,

  6. I loved the pictures of the old shed. They were classic. I have always loved pictures of barns and farms. The pictures bring back memories.
    My daughter just moved to Peculiar, Missouri and they have a barn on their property. I can't wait to see them; but it won't be until next year.
    Travel safely and have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. It looks like we are going to have snow Sunday through Wednesday; we are not traveling. We do have one of our families coming for Thanksgiving.
    If you get a moment check out the story on Jonah and the Whale; it will make you smile.
    Blessings to you! LeAnn

  7. Hi Cheryl,
    It's beautiful pics! I can felt you will miss your old farm as it's being sold...
    hope you enjoy the deer meat hunting by your son...

    Happy thanksgiving to you and your love family!
    Hope you enjoy your trip to Branson.

  8. Fantastic pictures!!! Love them both.