Friday, April 29, 2016

A Tweet Conversation...and Other Tidbits

Hello!  It's been a busy week with planting flowers and a few trips to the Big Town.  We've had lots of showers and a few thunderstorms coming through, but our county is still in the drought zone.  

The pots are all completely planted on the front porch/patio and I have just a few to finish on the back patio.  I also have a little garden area to plant once the soil dries out enough.  We had 3 knockout roses there, but they never did very well, so BG dug them out for me. 

I bought some new cushions for the chairs that go with the patio table.  Also a cover to pull over the whole shebang that's supposed to keep the chairs dry when it rains.  

I walked into the kitchen the other day and saw the above cardinal sitting on the window ledge.  Thinking maybe he had hurt himself by flying into the window, I took a closer look.  He just sat there looking at me, but appeared to be okay.  The window was closed but I began talking to him like I would talk to one of my kitties.   

After a bit, I turned around and went in search of my camera, thinking all the while that my new little feathered friend would be gone when I got back.  He was still sitting there, waiting patiently.  

I snapped a couple of pictures and began talking to him again, telling him how pretty he was and how much I enjoyed watching him and his friends flying between the nearby trees and the feeders.  I'm sure he understood every word!  

At one point I turned away thinking he would fly off but when I looked back at him, I saw that he had moved his body slightly so that he was looking straight into the window as if he were looking for me.  I went back and talked to him a little more.  Soon after, BG came home from work and I told him to take a look at the bird and when BG got close to the window, the cardinal soon flew away.  He hasn't been back for another chat, but I will always remember this "tweet" visit.

Me:  Stormy, what are you doing?
Stormy:  What does it look like...I'm taking a bath!
Me:  Do you have to do it there?
Stormy:  Well, it is the bath room, isn't it?

This afternoon is almost gone and I still need to get out the vacuum and clean up after the furkids.  I'm loving my little vacuum that I ordered, it does a fantastic job picking up the fur.  

I'm also so thankful for Clorox Wipes.  They are used several times a day, wiping off kitchen surfaces...and the bathroom vanity...that I know some little feet prance around on even though they know they aren't supposed to!

This weekend will be a busy one with BG heading back to The Project to work on the electric wiring.  Last weekend was spent on yard work.  Hope your weekend is a good one!  Take care...

xo Cheryl  


  1. Cheryl, That is a beautiful flower. We had a cardinal here one year and he was always walking along the window sill and looking in ..I have pictures of him doing it. So you may get to see your cardinal more. I hope so. Your cat cracks me up taking his bath right there, so cute. Hope you are enjoying your spring. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. are you planning a big celebration the day the Project is done? Stormy is so beautiful and now we know he is clean... when i glanced at your title, i read Tweet Convention... you can imagine where my mind went with that. twitter twitter... that is odd and wonderful he talked with you. now i don't feel bad for the conversations i have with numerous lizards.. the big one over the pool pump, i could swear he listens. he cocks his head back and forth and looks down his nose at me... i have been known to talk to cows and ducks also

  3. That's really remarkable about the cardinal. Maybe he was asking you where his mate is.

  4. Sounds like you have been very busy. We had 3 knockout roses too and I think the last one died over the winter.

  5. yard work always feels good - a nice break from 'the project', i'm sure. :)

  6. I liked your conversation with the Cardinal.I tend to talk to the birds as well.I'm sure they understand every word.Have a super weekend.

  7. Beautiful header, Cheryl! Gorgeous colors.

    Now that was a tweet story and interesting. Wonder if he'll come back to visit again one day.

  8. Your TWEET visit was special indeed. Bet that little fellow will be back. I love cardinals. It was a charming picture of him sitting on the window ledge.

  9. Hello, little Farmers Daughter...
    I really love your header...time for me to make a change...xoxo

  10. Hi Cheryl, what a sweet little visit with you red bird. I think he has a crush on you!

  11. Wow that was some encounter with that cardinal. It was definitely you he came to visit since BG scared him away although he may have hit the window and just had his bell rung and needed to recoup.
    Hope your drought conditions ease soon.

  12. We too are very busy in the yard these days.. Our Daffodils and Tulips are long gone now --but we have tons of Irises this spring.... AND--the Roses are beginning to bloom! Life is good --other than the fact that we are DRY also and need rain. We thought we were going to get some today--but it went all around us...

    I'm glad you talk to your birds too. I had a conversation with a little Carolina Wren --who was upset about something... He wouldn't talk back to me but something was NOT right with him...????

    Have a great May. I'll post tomorrow and Monday...


  13. I am happy there is someone I know who also talks to the animals, birds,etc . . .
    I have great conversations.
    Keep an eye out, I bet Mr Cardinal will reappear!

  14. i am sure talking to birds is a good thing. He will be back tosee you.

  15. You have been busy. Be sure to show us all those pots of flowers.
    Talking to a bird is probably better than talking to yourself which I have been know to do.

  16. Love the picture of Stormy on the sink. Cats are so presumptuous. Gotta love them. And Clorox wipes. :)

  17. I feel so sad that I haven't been able to drop by for a while. I hope to go back and catch up a bit on your posts since they are favorites of mine. I love the little tweet talk you had. I really do feel that animals do communicate with us if we try. At least I know our Dog Sammy understands and sometimes he understands too well.
    You little Stormy is just so adorable. I always love pictures of him.
    Getting your pots planted and etc. gives me incentive to do some too. I hope I can find a bit of time to do that. We need some flowers around here.
    Sending loving thought your way! Hugs for you dear friend~

  18. I just wanted to wish you a very Happy Mother's Day dear friend. Sending hugs!

  19. I am so glad that I am not the only one who talks to "my" birds.. lol! He is so pretty.. as is your kitty! Have a great week.. feeling a bit washed out over here in my neck of the woods! -Tammy

  20. Happy Mothers Day! Love that cardinal. I think he has a crush on you!