Monday, January 4, 2016

Something Old (A Goal) and Something New

Happy New Year to you!  For me, the year is off to a more relaxed start then it ended.  I've been napping and resting up the last few days.   

We saw the old year end with old friends here for supper.  We had a great time visiting and laughing over some old stories and new ones, too.   Ell admired my red and white buffalo check curtains.

I told her how I'd seen these on several blogs...Ell doesn't blog, so she doesn't know what she's missing with all the wonderful ideas out there...for a few years now.

Anyway, I found buffalo check tablecloths online several months ago and ordered a couple in red and white, also a pair in black and white for when I wanted a different look.  I just bought those rings with clips and put them on the rod.  No sewing was required.  I also ordered 4 napkins which I used to drape over the rod in the smaller window over the kitchen sink.
I had planned to get them hung up before Christmas, but procrastinator that I am, I put it off.  There are many other things I put off last year, too.  I have many goals for this year and one is to get back at the decluttering.  I'm determined to get better organized and only live with those things that I really love or need. 

There are so many things that I don't need taking up space, but it is very hard to part with them.  For example, I have 3 sets of  long-stemmed crystal goblets.  One set is mine, one set I inherited from my mother and one set from my grandmother.  All are sets of 12.  I love them all, but I know I don't need them.  I don't even use mine when I set the table for special occasions, preferring to use a more simple, larger goblet.  I don't see myself parting with any of them, not yet.   

Now that I've stated that I have too much stuff, someone please tell me to just look and not buy even if it's a great bargain when I go to the resale shop!   Well, depends on what it is.  :)

I hope your new year is off to a good start.   Take care and stay well.

xo Cheryl


  1. I can definitely see why you wouldn't want to part with your mother's and grandmother's goblets. There are just some things that we are meant to keep even if we don't need them or use them!

  2. your curtains look very nice. can you give a set of goblets to kids?

  3. Decluttering and organizing is not for the faint of heart! I have to be in a ruthless mood, and it's even better if my daughter Kati is at my side encouraging me to let it go.

    Love your buffalo check curtains! Really love that they are no-sew!

  4. Bit the bullet and give 2 other people a surprise of the goblets. That way they may be used instead of collecting dust! I am nearly home now from my trip to Malawi and Zambia, just waiting at Heathrow for my flight this afternoon but thanks for leaving me all the comments when I was away.

  5. Hi Cheryl. Love your curtains and boy, was that easy to do. There is something I have learned to do as I age.... use what you have. If you don't use it, give it away. Life is so much more enjoyable without a lot of unnecessary clutter. Believe me.

  6. Happy New Year to to you:-)
    I love your buffalo check curtains that are like tailor-made for your kitchen:-)

  7. Hey Cheryl! I adore Buffalo checks too! You are going to get so much use out of these! It sounds as if you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's! I so relate on purchasing more things...enough already, right? Wishing you a lovely year ahead!

  8. Wow, such a cozy kitchen, I want to come over and enjoy sitting there with you over a cup of coffee.... Blessings Francine.

  9. I am in the "what do I do with all this stuff" mode . .
    Determined I am to not "put things away" that I haven't used in years mania . . .
    I managed to pass on to my daughter, my china, my mother's china, to my daughter this fall.
    I enjoyed seeing her use the china twice during the holidays . . .
    Bit by bit I am determined.
    We have a walk in attic that is NOT going to have as many BOXES of Christmasy items hauled back up there, to be put away for another year and not be used. Downsizing my Christmas collectibles I currently my daunting task.
    I am determined . . . and right dead center in the midst of sorting out my giveaways and keepers right now!
    I could add a few goblets to yours if you want them . . .
    Let's work together and stay determined . . .
    Love your red/white buffalo curtains.
    Tablecloths often fit the look perfectly, don't they!
    All the best for a 2016 with LESS for each of us!

  10. I understand your wanting to hang on the the goblets. Perhaps your heirs would appreciate them early? Sadly though, things that mean so much to us leave family members cold. I don't have any takers on my elk horn dinner gong. Wonder why? So they will stay here and give me pleasure.
    Love your clever drapes.

  11. the curtains look great and what a creative way to get small window curtains. i have no advice to give you because i am the total opposite and keep nothing that has no use or is not used a lot. not one collection gene in me and no attachment gene either. i gave away mothers goblets and dishes when she died in 89.. the good news is you have all the things you love and a lovely home to keep them in. just enjoy them is what i would say... since they make you happy and give you pleasure why get rid of them...

  12. Cheryl, I have seen those Buffalo check curtains, love them and had made plans to see if my fabric shop had the material, I never thought of using the tablecloths for this! ! Thanks for the idea!
    I also like the idea of decluttering, and make this a goal of mine every New Year, but for some reason I find it hard to let go! I certainly understand not wanting to part with the goblets, I also prefer the simple over the fine stuff!
    Good luck with all of the goals!
    Wishing you the happiest of New Years

  13. I love the big red buffalo checks as well. I have a table cloth that I ordered to make pillow for the wicker furniture on our new front porch. It was late when were first able to use it last fall so I never got them made. That will be a project for me this spring. I also have been trying to figure out how to incorporate the red and white check into my living room. You are a girl after my own heart...making curtains from table!

  14. i never realized that is what it was called - red buffalo check, news to me. we love red & white cause it goes with our coke themed home. the hubby is a coke lover. i have always wanted a red & white kitchen so it works for me. happy new year!! hope it is a great one for all your family. that includes you too. hope you got that. ( :

  15. I had to smile about the 3 sets of crystal goblets Cheryl. I have some old crystal that I'm going to part with as its been in a box under the stairs for 30 years or more. I don't and won't use it but someone will. I decided that if it has no personal value to me then I don't need it. It's stuff taking up space. And, I hope I can stay out of the thrift shops and not buy more stuff. Haha. Do you think you and I have the willpower to do that? I hope so. Your new curtains are cute and a great idea to buy tablecloths to make them with. Have a great week Cheryl.

  16. Love the red curtains.I also know the feeling of having things I never use,but am unable to part with.Oh well,my son meds something to do when my time here is over. :)

  17. Thrift store shopping is cheap enough therapy. What isn't cheap is prime real estate in your home! All the best with it and when you have it all figured out please share your tips. Your drapes are very cheery and seriously cute!

  18. Hi did a great job of hanging those beautiful red checked curtains.... I was so afraid that the end of your post was going to be that you were going to get rid of the goblets.... I was already shouting NO!! pack them away....but don't ever get rid of them!! Can you tell that I'm very sentimental? Hope you have a great week..

  19. The curtains are so cute and what a savings you made. The price of panels is out of sight. Very sad. Those clips are great, too, as I can't sew. Love them.

    So glad you had a fun NYE! And Happy New Years to you and yours!

    Jane x

  20. oh i love those curtains!! i always have big plans to declutter at the new far i haven't thrown anything out...but then we go back to school today so now we are back into our routine although i'm going to miss having my boys around and ash home from school...happy new year cheryl!!

  21. The curtains look fabulous and I love the idea of no sewing! Declutter is one of my goals for this year too. I know how hard it is to part with certain things, though. Very hard.

  22. Cheryl, Declutter was the new word I chose for this year...I sure hope I can stick with it. But I do understand about the glasses. If you have children , maybe they would like yours and then you would have your mom's and gram's still. I love your quick curtains, you clever girl. I need to try that. Wishing you a wonderful new year of good health and peace. Bless you, xoxo,Susie

  23. What a fresh and cheerful look in your those checks!!
    Sounds like you are off on a good foot to this new year. Organizing is always on my list.
    I think this spring, I will have a good old fashioned yard sale, and sale some of my 'treasures' so that I can buy 'new' junk... ***grin***.

    Smiles :)

  24. I love the curtains! I have some small wine glasses that are rainbow glass, they were my Mom's glasses and I won't part with them. We use them at Christmas and New Year and even though it is just CH and me they are very special.They are very old.

  25. I love your curtains...they look adorable in your dining room.
    Maybe you can give a set of glasses to ea of your children and keep one set for yourself ?
    I buy things sometimes when I don't need them, too...guess most of us do. :)

  26. I love those red/white checked curtains...great idea. I need to start making decisions about stuff to get rid of, too.

  27. The curtains have a wonderful "homey" and comfortable look about them, which is a very good thing, Cheryl. And, I understand about having too many things as well. I donated all my late mom's kitchenware, china, glasses and while there were some second thoughts, the reality that we have nowhere to place thise items and would in all liklihood never use had to take precendence. I did keep many smaller items and several were Christmas themed ones that were displayed this holiday season, but now stored away. Thrift and resale stores do offer cheap therapy and I can never leave one without buying at least 1 small item...even if it's later given away or donated.

  28. I do love your curtains. In fact, I really like your taste in decor. I love the homeless of it all. Red and white is just so cute.
    I don't think I could part with goblets from my Mother or Grandmother; way too sentimental.
    I do need to declutter our home for sure. We just have so much we don't need or use. Maybe this year it will happen; but I certainly can't say when.
    I do love to shop in resale stores and I can't resist a good bargain. I try not to go very often to solve that problem.
    I do think you should have a rest and slow down a tad. I don't know how you did all that you did last year. You are amazing. Hugs~