Friday, May 22, 2015

Blooms, Birds, Birthdays and Baby Kittens

It's Friday!  And it's been a busy week since I was here last.  
Rain has fallen, the sun is now shining....the
flowers are growing.

Birds are singing.  I snapped the bluebird while sitting on the 
patio one afternoon in between bottle feedings and chores.  
This photo is a happy accident and not clear like I wanted, 
but I like the way it turned out looking kinda like a painting.

Kittens are thriving.  And this is one of the reasons I've 
been too busy to blog.  They are both doing really doing well now. 
Rainie is eating much better as well as walking and is so sweet.  She likes to be cuddled and purrs a lot.  Rambo the Rambunctious loves to run around and explore everything.  It was quite an undertaking as I'm not used to feeding, burping and fixing bottles!  Not to mention the changing and washing of their bedding each time they are gotten out to feed and to play. 
But, it's impossible not to fall in love with them.
As my friend, Virginia, said in an email just the other day,
"Animals don't ask for much, just love, and they will
return it a thousand times."

Birthdays are happening.  Our daughter is having a birthday this holiday weekend.  One of her friends is having a party at their house with some of her friends to celebrate.  This photo is from last year, but she doesn't look any older!  
Happy Birthday, Kim!!
We love you lots and lots. 

BG and I picked up some fast food and enjoyed the lake view 
while we ate our supper last night.  I'll be happy when the 
bridge work is done so we don't have to take the detour.  
I don't go very often now and I miss my lake visits. 

While we were making plans for the weekend, we decided
to go this evening to the cemeteries and decorate the 
graves of our loved ones.  It is tradition here to not only
remember those who have died for our country but also to decorate
  the graves of our loved ones on this special holiday.

May each of you have a wonderful holiday weekend
in remembrance of those who died so that we might be free.

Happy Friday to you!
xo Cheryl   


  1. Hi Cheryl~

    It sounds like you have got your hands full! Those little kittens are adorable - who couldn't love one of those little balls of fur?!

    Your daughter is just beautiful, she looks like her mama... ;0) I hope she has a very special day.

    I love the pictures of the lake - it's so serene there, I'm sure you love to soak it up when you can. I also love Memorial Day. I love all the flags and memorials that they have at the cemeteries, makes me even more grateful to those who paid the ultimate price for my freedom.

    Have a fun and safe week-end sweet friend.


  2. Cheryl, what a wonderful post! The bluebird picture is so beautiful! I thought you had edited it to make it look painted. But no! You have a new found talent, making pics look painted without an editor! Your daughter is beautiful, just like you. Your flowers are stunning, what a beautiful way to open your post! SO cool to eat by the lake! I think I would never leave, it is so beautiful!

  3. Beautiful photos - love the one of the bluebird. Happy Birthday to your gorgeous daughter.


  4. Hello Cheryl, love the cute kitty and the beautiful bluebird. Happy Birthday to your daughter.. Pretty sunset, enjoy your weekend!

  5. Sweet photo of the kitten, Cheryl. They grow so quickly and then take over. haha! Like Audrey, for instance. Happy Birthday to your daughter. Deb

  6. the colors in your first photos are magnificent, i love jewel toned colors and these are gorgeous.. so is your daughter.. Hope she has a Happy Birthday party... the kitty in the kup is darling.

  7. i know what you mean about rain - it's been an incredibly rainy spring for texas, too! but i'm not complaining. adorable kitten! hope your daughter has a great birthday weekend!

  8. What a beautiful daughter you have! And those kittens ---- well, what's not to love? A happy post. Sending blessings your way.

  9. Great photos Cheryl. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter...she is gorgeous . Takes after you. :) Hope your road work gets done too. my goodness , so much digging and paving in our's crazy. Bless you, xoxo,Susie

  10. Your daughter is so beautiful...she looks like you! We have lots of family birthdays this week, too. Happy holiday weekend my friend. Hugs, Diane

  11. The blooms and yiur daughter, Kim, are lovelies and belated birthday wishes to her. Glad to read that the kittens are doing well, although it is a lot of work...the rewards are seeing them thrive and thanks for sharing the news with all of us, Cheryly. Enjoy your weekend!

  12. That bird picture does look like a should frame it! Love kitties! When I was a little girl we (cousins and aunts) mowed and decorated the graves of our loved ones this time of year...
    Have a great weekend!

  13. Your first couple photos reminded me of one of my favorite magazines, Birds & Blooms.
    The kitty in the cup is adorable. Burping? I had no idea such care went into feeding kittens. Bless you for being so good to them.
    Kim is a beauty with such a pretty smile. Happy Birthday to her.
    Good to hear from you, Cheryl. Have a wonderful weekend.

  14. Well, that kitten is a cute as button but your daughter is beautiful! Happy birthday to her! How did our kids ever get this old? lol
    Hope you have a wonderful holiday. I have a houseful on their way here right now. xo Diana

  15. So happy that both kittens are doing well. Bless you for taking care of them.
    Happy Bdy wishes to your beautiful daughter.
    Wishing you a blessed weekend.

  16. Have a great weekend. Those kittens look adorable.

  17. Happy Birthday to your daughter. The kitten photo is precious indeed. Those little ones are so lucky to have found you. Have a glorious weekend. I'll be dreaming of a lake view too.

  18. I'm so glad to read that both kitties are doing well. I read last time about the smaller one not flourishing and was kind of worried. They are adorable! Little balls of fluff, and fur.

    Happy B day to your daughter!! She's gorgeous.


  19. Happy Birthday to Kim!! She is so gorgeous!

    At home, the tending to the cemetery is tradition, too. =) May God bless the families who have sacrificed so much for our freedoms. Have a great weekend, Cheryl! blessings ~ t.

  20. Wonderful post, everything I love, flowers, Birds and what a sweet kitten in a mug...Birthday wishes to your. Beautiful daughter, Happy Memorial Day!!!! Francine.

  21. Cheryl, that photo of the kitten in the mug is priceless! I am so happy to hear that they are thriving! I know it has been quite a job for you, bless your heart.

    Your daughter is beautiful! Happy birthday to her.

    Enjoy your holiday weekend!

  22. Oh my! How precious is that kitten?! You are a very dear lady to nurse them along in their babyhood. I know that you find it rewarding work...a true labor of love. I always admire your photos and the bluebird is beautiful. Speaking of beautiful...your daughter sure is! Hope that she has a happy birthday. A wonderful weekend to you!

  23. Happy Birthday to your daughter, Cheryl... she looks so much like you!
    Glad the kittens are doing well!
    Enjoy your holiday weekend!

  24. Happy Birthday to your daughter. She is so pretty and obviously your daughter. That kitten shot is just too precious. Glad you got in some quite lake time. Have a nice holiday.

  25. What a pretty daughter you have......Hope her day is filled with many special Blessings, just for her. Enjoy this wonderful Holiday safe

  26. I love the flower and bird pictures. The bird photo does look like a painting. The colors are spectacular on both of them.
    I am so happy to hear that the kittens are doing well. Kittens are always so playful and fun to watch. It is amazing how you have cared so tenderly for them. The hard thing will be giving them a way.
    Your dear daughter is beautiful and I hope she has a wonderful birthday celebration.
    I truly love the thought on having a picnic at a lake like that. The picture is so serene. I need a moment like that.
    We are off to visit the town I was born in and do some grave decorating and enjoy seeing some friends and family. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Hugs!

  27. Happy birthday to your daughter! My Mom's birthday is Tuesday. :) You and I now both have a Rambo! :)
    Sounds like you have special plans this weekend, enjoy.

  28. Those kittens are so cute! I'm glad to hear they're thriving. Thank you for taking them in and taking such good care of them. :-) Happy birthday to your pretty daughter! Hope you're having a great weekend.

  29. Oh how sweet! It is impossible not to fall in love with those teenie ones. Happy Birthday to your daughter..mine is tomorrow on Tuesday, but I am ignoring it. LOL! Have a safe and blessed holiday weekend.

  30. Oh man that kitty is cute. I have only bottle fed one rascal, vowing to find her a home. Of course I didn't.

    Nice pictures.

  31. Happy Birthday to your daughter... She is GORGEOUS, Cheryl, like her Mama.

    Beautiful sunset... Bet that was fun doing that!!!!!

    Yes---it would be impossible to NOT fall in love with those kitties... How do your other cats respond to them?? Is there jealousy???

    Happy Memorial Day Weekend.

  32. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter! Glad your kittens are doing better! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!


  33. Lovely photos . . .
    Cute and adorable too . .
    Pretty, very, birthday girl daughter . . ,
    You are a good, kind, great mum to those kittens!
    I visit the cemetery too and fill an urn at my husband Gary's grave . . .
    Listening to 60 minutes this evening made me want to return to the cemetery to walk through and look for graves of soldiers who died for our freedom . . .there is still tomorrow . . .
    My husband Jack and I will attend a Memorial Day service in the morning . . .

  34. Happy Birthday to your daughter! That kitten is sure a cutie and I bet you are spoiling them! Good to hear they are both doing okay...they look long haired:)

  35. Love your selfie in previous post!
    Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!
    Your kitties are sweet!
    Have a great week Cheryl!
    Linda :o)

  36. I bet those wee kitties do keep you busy!
    Happy B'Day to your beautiful daughter, Cheryl.

  37. Loved all these photos, especially the one of the kitten. It's so special. And you really have a beautiful daughter.

  38. i love the kitty kat shot ... that is too much!! awww!! ( :

  39. Oh my gosh how cute is that kitten in the cup! It's a lot of work to keep them growing I know.