Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thursday's Thoughts

1.  I'm so ready for a little weekend trip to Branson.  Not this weekend, but soon I hope!

2.  Since I have a birthday this weekend, I'm going to share 4 more things that you may or may not know about me to add to the 65 things I listed here in 2011.

    66.  I'm an introvert and prefer quiet, but I can be quite 

           talkative when I want to.
    67.  If you called me a night owl, you would be correct. 
    68.  I don't feel (or act, some would say...haha) like I'm 68 and almost 69.
    69.  I've been to Paris and seen the Eiffel Las Vegas!

3.  The news is so depressing that I am tempted to not read it for a week or two.  Actually I don't have to read it because BG is quite good at giving me an update  when he gets home from work.  Usually the first thing he says is "did you hear about...."! 

4.  I quite agree with my son when he said that we should be able to claim the government as a dependent on our tax returns.

5.  The weather has been delightful.  I've opened windows to let the fresh air in!  And we have some green beginning in the yard.  Yay!

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Happy Thursday to you!
xo Cheryl


  1. thanks for the sweet scene, and a very happy birthday wished to you, cheryl!

  2. Wishing you a very fun-filled birthday Cheryl! The news is SO depressing...sometimes I cannot fathom how much things have changed from when we grew up. Quiet is a good way to go...remember what peace their is in silence! Have a great one!

  3. Great weather here today too! Happy Birthday, my friend!

  4. I agree with your son about the govt. and i have the same thing with bob, only he is home all day and watches a lot of news. i don't like to watch animal abuse and if i hear or see i leave the room, he follows me around giving me details, then we have WORDS, LOUD words because if i leave the room to not see it I sure don't want to hear it... i had just told Bob i am giving up the news...

  5. forgot to say, you are catching me, i was 70 last Sept... sometimes i feel it and most times i don't. except when i tried on clothes at the store yesterday and said OMG do i look like that?

  6. You fence is so pretty, loving the greenery and the bright colored flowers.

  7. Love the rustic style fence, it would suit my garden well. Enjoy your birthday and remember 69 is just another number. My number is 74, some days I think it should be 60 and other days I know I'm 74..

  8. What a peaceful scene. I hope you have a wonderful weekend surrounding yourself with all the things you love. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Enjoy!

  9. Love your beautiful garden scene :)
    And I wish you a very happy Birthday :))

    Have a beautiful day!

  10. A beautiful picture. and I can't wait till you go to Branson either! And show us your pictures! I am a huge Night owl, too! Happy Birthday! Mine was Monday!

  11. Ah to be 69 again. Have a great day Cheryl and enjoy the year.
    Totally agree on the news. Yikes what has happened to us as human beings.

  12. Happy Birthday. I do hope you get to Branson soon. You are a lot like me- don't feel or act your age. Why grow up/old when you don't have to?
    Hope you have a wonderful night- xo Diana

  13. a big early Happy Birthday wish to you. How nice to live close enough to Branson to be able to visit there each year. I always enjoy this place. A wonderful photo of this old rustic fence and garden area.... Hope you have a fabulous weekend..

  14. Happy Birthday Cheryl and hope you have a great trip. Thanks for sharing more about yourself. I celebrated #66 this past Feb and like you don't feel older. I have never visited Branson and hope to some day.

  15. Happy Birthday to you! Branson sounds like a wonderful birthday present. The news? I hear you.

  16. Happy birthday to you!! And hooray for the green-ish grass!!
    Enjoy your trip!

  17. Happy Birthday...we've never been to Branson...had a trip planed with cousins but it fell thru when he got so sick.
    I hate the news, too...makes me mad and depressed....Things are beginning to get a little green here, too.

  18. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and I hope you get to take that trip to Branson soon.

  19. Happy birthday! I'd love to visit Branson one day. I've seen the same Paris you have --lol! I'm a night owl --I worked the night shift as anurse for many years--but when I take car eof my young grandchildren I am exhausted by 10 and go to bed--lol!

  20. Happy Birthday, A trip to Branson sounds like fun! I do not like watching the new either.. Hooray for the great weather.. Enjoy your day and weekend!

  21. Love your fence shots and your ramblings

  22. Happy, Happy Birthday weekend, Cheryl!! I've been to Paris in that exact same spot. ;) Hope you have a wonderful weekend of celebrating! blessings ~ tanna

  23. wow, when did Nancy come back? i will have to go look. has any one else told you, your comments do not come to their email box? they just show up on my blog? i wonder what is going on? i don't want to miss ya ... so i have to really watch to see when you stop by. i remember Theresa did talk about it to ... i wonder if it is a blogger issue or what? thanks for your visit. have a great weekend & enjoy your birthday. ( :

  24. I'm so glad to hear that someone is having good weather. I wish some would swoop down our way. We are absolutely soggy!

  25. Love the fence. Happy Birthday and enjoy Branson. Enjoy the good weather. Happy Friday!

  26. #1 Never been there.
    #2 Happy birthday, I'll be over for cake.
    66. So am I.
    67. Not me.
    68. You and I were born in as good year.
    69. I've been to neither.
    #3 You are reading the wrong news.
    #4 Taxes are the dues we pay to live in a civil society. Nothing is FREE!
    #5 A goog thing.
    Tom The Backroads Traveller

  27. Amen to claiming the gov on our tax returns! Happy Birthday! Hope you get to Branson soon...that will be fun!

  28. Sending you "Happy birthday" wishes!!
    Fun new things to learn about you!

    I'm so excited that it is warm enough there that you can open your windows! I'm hoping it will be warm enough here soon to open the windows too :)

    Have a great weekend!


  29. Back again today for R5F
    1. Hope you get to make that trip to Branson soon.
    2. Happy Birthday - Have a great time celebrating.
    3. I hate listening to the news too. They should broadcast happier news.
    4. Amen!
    5. Enjoy the nice weather.

  30. Beautiful scene--so ready for spring!

  31. Happy Birthday, Cheryl!!!!!

  32. Happy, Happy Birthday! My 70th is coming up in April. Time goes so fast...

    Loved the photo and the items you listed. It's fun getting to know you better!

  33. You know i totally agree with your, I will be 60 this year. So I am a bit behind you. #66 and 67 sure do apply to me...going to read the others here in a minute. We are ready for a break...only we want to go either north to Shipshewana or home to Tennessee. But we cannot all get well for love nor money...granddaughter had a stomach bug last week, today Roger has it, or something similar. No fun.

  34. Happy BIrthday, sweet friend. We are getting better each day. xo Laura

  35. Happy Birthday Cheryl! May your day be all that you want it to be!
    We have some green in the yard too! yay!

  36. love the fence, unique design.

  37. Happy, Happy Birthday!! And I totally agree with #4~

  38. Hello, Just got home from a nice trip to Arkansas to celebrate George's birthday. I will blog about it tomorrow.

    Now--it's time to start working in the yard, cleaning up all of the 'junk' from the ice storm. What a mess!!!

    Hope you are doing well. Happy Belated Birthday to YOU... Hope you had an incredible day... Loved your post--and all of the 'things' we don't know about you... I'm on the line between extravert and introvert... I am 'friendly' (as you know) --but truly would always choose to be alone --or with a few special friends than to EVER be in a group. When I worked for the church, I was the friendliest one around until I could go home and just be with ME.... I was always being invited to parties and groups --and hated it... Would usually make an excuse not to go... Interesting, huh?

  39. Happy belated wishes Cheryl....
    I have been negligent at getting around to see my peeps!
    Oh yes.....I don't feel or act my age either! Isn't it great!
    Enjoy your week...
    Linda :o)

  40. happy birthday to you!!!! hope you had a wonderful trip to branson! pics?!! oh, love #4!! totally agree with that ha! thank you for linking cheryl and happy st. paddy's day!! p.s. it has been feeling like spring here too, loving it!!