Friday, December 5, 2014

Here's What's Happening....

Such an original blog title, isn't it?  I have to say that coming up with a clever title these days is just taxing my poor brain too much.  I used to love to name things or come up with titles.  Not so much lately.  Can't say why that is....after all I'm supposed to be retired and just kicking back with my books and bonbons and blogging.  Right.  Life here at Pond Hollow just recently got a bit busier...not that it wasn't already.  
And why is that?  
Because he's baaack!!!  

The kitten we had found a home for was brought back to us.
It seems that the couple that had him said that he was too
afraid of their dog and hid all the time.  

We each other...but to tell 
the truth, I don't see little Tuffy afraid of a dog 
or anything else.  I do believe he would go bear hunting 
with a the saying goes.  He will run up to 
our bigger cats and just jump
on their backs and chase them all over the house.  

He's also fascinated with the Christmas tree and it is a chore to
keep him out of it.  He likes to rearrange the tree skirt as well 
as batting the ornaments off.  Have I also mentioned how 
sharp his little claws and teeth are?  I know this because I 
often used to go barefoot and he loves to attack my toes 
when I'm least expecting it. 

 We hope to find a new forever home for Tuffy.   Soon.  Whoever gets him will need a lot of patience.  He's a sweet little boy and cute as a button, but very rambunctious!  When he runs out of steam, he will settle down by me if I'm in the recliner and snuggle up under my arm and sleep.   He gets locked in the bathroom where he can't get into too much trouble while I'm out of the house.  

So what else is happening?  So far this week, I've shopped for and found a razor edged scraper that will hopefully get the tightly stuck carpet backing off the floor in the spare room at The Project.  That stuff is stuck on like glue and is a real pain.  I also found some new window locks.  Remembered to get bulbs for our light fixture that hangs over our table.  Looked for something new to put atop our Christmas tree.  I got my hair cut which was badly needed.  The laundry is piling up but it will have to wait another day or so.  I'll be heading out to do a bit more shopping today.  This time for some Christmas gifts to wrap and put under the tree to hold the tree skirt in place.  lol!   The week is flying by as always and I hope you have had a good one.  I'll be by to visit as soon as I can!
Happy Friday to you!
xo Cheryl


  1. Enjoy your week. That little kitten is adorable. But I know they can be trouble with a capital T. Our cats love the Christmas Tree too. I had to smile when you brought up the tree skirt mess. Ours think it is fair game and play with it whenever they can. Hope Tuffy finds a new home soon. Enjoy your week.

  2. Ah the Kitten is adorable adn I am sure can get up to great mischief!

  3. Poor Tuffy, I hope he finds a forever home.. Love you pretty Santa decoration.. I have the same trouble..coming up with titles for my blog post.. Have a happy Friday!

  4. Morning, sweet little kitty, hope he finds a loving forever home. Enjoy the weekend, Blessings Francine.

  5. sweet little tuffy. hope you can find him a good fit, soon.

  6. i can only imagine what that darling little devil cat will do to presents under the tree. that collage is just so cute it is hard to stand it. your photos of ornaments are amazing.. i hope you find a person that loves a challenge to take the kitty home.. cheers to a tree that makes it through Christmas day. MOL MOL

  7. Only a kitten can drive you bonkers especially with a Christmas tree. But they are just so darn cute!
    I love them!

  8. Well, he's so cute, I'm certain that he will make a wonderful new friend for someone.
    Gosh, you have been so busy. Sounds like your getting many things checked off of your list.
    Happy shopping :)

    ~Warm wishes~

  9. You sure he wasn't meant to be yours? That old quote "'If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it was, and always will be yours."
    I'll keep hoping for your sake that you find that adorable little fellow a great home. He would make a great Christmas present for someone.

  10. Seems each week flies by. I'm not retired,yet,but obviously that doesn't solve the problem of busyness.The little kitten sounds like fun to have around.

  11. I love the close-ups of your pretty ornaments! You are doing a wonderful thing to put up with him until you find him a good home! I am so glad he is not in a shelter! Who knows, maybe he will even settle down and you may keep him! He is so cute with those big eyes!

  12. It seems that Tuffy Kitty needs to be fur-ever yours...

  13. Oh he is cute...reminds me of Susan Branch's youngest kitty...not in looks, but in behavior. Sounds as if you have everything under control, Cheryl!

  14. Cute little cat . . . I hope you can find a forever home for him soon,
    I like how he cuddles up under your arm and goes to sleep . . .

  15. Busy, busy, busy! Tuffy is such a little cutie. Know what? I think he just wanted to come home to you and yours :) Adorable, love the Christmas-y pics too! Makes me wish our tree was up, but.. not yet! -Tammy

  16. I'm not a cat person at all but this one is so so adorable. So cute. :)
    Or first Christmas together, we had a tiny little dog...we put our tree up one night, and when I came home from work the next evening, that little puppy had started pulling on the tree and it was completely IN THE FLOOR...haha..I could have pinched his little ears but, of course, didn't. It was my fault for not putting him in the bathroom. :)

  17. He sure looks like he's enjoying being at your home! I hope you find a good home for him. We used to have cats and it was always a challenge to place the kittens. It's such a busy time of year but lots of fun, too! Holiday hugs, Diane

  18. He is such a cutie. He is just being a kitten after all. With all that purrsonality you should be able to find him a good forever home.

  19. Oh you busy girl you and now you have your sweet kitten back. We had a cattery years ago and I am very familiar with active kittens. The pictures were adorable. I do know how hard it is to renovate too; but you will have such joy when it is completed.
    Well, I hope you get the Christmas projects completed and you can settle down in front of that fire and read a good book with a cup of Hot Chocolate. At least that is the blessings i will pray for for you!

  20. Tuffy is a cutie!! I think you already love him, so maybe you will keep him. :)

  21. Nothing like a baby kitten to liven things up! :)