Monday, April 14, 2014

Put A Little Spring In Your Step

Hello Spring and hello blog friends!  It's great to be back after a little blog break.  I hope everyone is doing good!

I am so happy to see green grass and flowers blooming.  The redbuds in my yard are beginning to unfold.  We've had some beautiful, warm spring days.  But!....after a very warm day, in which I even turned on the a/c because my kitchen was a little too warm for this hot-blooded mama, we now have a chilly day with the heat turned back on and I see some snow showers out my window and we are under a freeze warning for tonight!  What can I say...this is Missouri. 

So, what has been going on here at Pond Hollow?  Where?  Yes, I finally gave our home and the Back Six a name.  It was fairly easy, after all.  Several years ago, we had a hollow (pronounced "holler" around these parts) cleaned out and dammed up and a pond was born.  That pond is gazed upon many times throughout the day when I'm in the kitchen or outside sitting on the patio in warm weather.  I like to name things, so there you go.  Now, on to what's been happening.....not all that much, really.


We love strawberries and the other day while shopping at Lowe's, BG (the Big Guy) and I decided to buy lumber for a raised bed and a few strawberry plants so we could grow our own.  We keep adding to our list of projects, but this is one in which we'll have to get done as soon as the weather cooperates.

I've done some rearranging in my kitchen cabinets.  I have the dishes I use most often now in one spot.  There are a few more cabinets full of dishes, which I love and would have many more if I had the room.  Now, I need to get a certain storage closet cleaned out.  I've been putting that one off as long as I can, possibly because I can't make myself get rid of stuff.  Does anyone else have that problem?

Here's a keeping it real moment, because even though life is good, there will always be a mess in some form or another to deal with from time to time.

I heard a loud crash the other day, so I hurried into the kitchen to see what happened.  I really do try to keep a clean house in spite of, or because of, having 4 cats living with us.  So you can imagine I wasn't at all happy about what I found.  Potting soil everywhere.

One of the little rascals decided to leap up onto the top of the refrigerator and knock off one of my plants.  I love plants and have to keep most of them up high away from the furbabies, but they will find a way to get to them if they can.  It took me an hour to clean up the mess, but I got clean drip pans on my stove out of the deal.  They were needing a cleaning!  

So what happened to the cat/s?  Oh, they went scurrying off downstairs as soon as they heard the crash.  I shut the door on them and made them stay there the rest of the day.

Now for a real spring in your step....

I was shopping in Kohl's recently and saw these comfy looking shoes.  I tried them on and fell in love!  They are so lightweight and make me feel like I'm walking on air.  I'm not getting paid to say any of this, but they are so terrific that I went back and bought another pair for "everyday".  They aren't cheap, but well worth the price in my opinion, and I like that I can just slip them on and not have to fool with shoe laces.  

I have a lot of blog reading and catching up to do after my break.  I'll be doing some of that tonight, as I need to run to the store yet today if the snow showers ever taper off.  I can't believe what I'm seeing out my kitchen window right now!  We will definitely have to cover our fruit trees tonight.  I'm glad that I waited on buying the flowers that I wanted badly looked at when BG and I were browsing around the garden center.  Happy Monday to you!

Until next time...
xoxo Cheryl


  1. SO good to see you today, and I love your white and yellow (jonquils?) HEY, your kitchen where you show the stove, fridge, and little is exactly like ours!!! And the same thing happened to us over the weekend! Our cat knocked over a big rabbit on the table, cracking his ear off! Frightened, he fled to the basement! Fortunately, I had just bought Krazy Glue, and I hope it is fixed for good now! I defrost bagels on the fridge, but I guess it is just a matter of time...

  2. Thanks for the spring fix, as we are covered in snow here :))
    Cute shoes, I love a good pair of shoes.

  3. If those shoes make your feet feel need two pair. I look for arch support in shoes mostly. Those rascal cats. I can't even imagine a cat jumping on the fridge.LOL.
    We were loving our nice Spring and today it's chilly. Hope the cold snap doesn't last too long. xoxo,Susie

  4. Welcome back Cheryl. I heard that the cold weather is going to hit Ontario tonight and tomorrow so it must be dipping way down to you too! It's to be colder here tomorrow too and below freezing for a few nights again. That might be good for the spring runoff and will ease the flooding though. What a mess your cat(s) made! I saw those shoes at a local store too and thought they were so light! I didn't get them though. But, I was tempted. :) Have a great week!

  5. Hi Cheryl! It's snowing here in Springfield today:( How can it be?! Loved your keepin it real moment:) I really like the looks of those shoes! Love the name of your place. Twyla

  6. I don't think I have ever seen a white daffodil. So very pretty! Looks like those kitties had a good time, until they made a mess....I don't blame them for scurrying off!!
    Hope your strawberries do well..I'd love to grow some myself..
    It's cool here in Texas, so I can only imagine the drop in temps there in Mo. Stay warm..

  7. happy to see you back...phooey on snow and I love the name, i prefer Holler though, that is what we called them in KY.. those poor cats, mommy put a bomb up there for them to drop...MOL
    love your shoes, while you were gone I got schechers go walk 2

  8. welcome back! glad things are well (even messy) at pond hollow. :)

  9. Nice to have you back. Need some Spring sooooo bad, cold and more snow over the weekend. Hugs Francine.

  10. Hi Cheryl - Nice to read your post today. I like that you have named your home and that it means something special to you. Next you'll need a sign made and displayed somewhere appropriate. Isn't it wonderful that Spring has finally arrived. We, too, have colder weather coming for a few days but still the snow has left that was piled up for months and the sun is so much warmer now. I see you have bad kitties, too. Find out who it was and my Audrey would love to be blog-buddies. Hugs, Deb

  11. Oh I love Skechers and haven't had any new ones in a long time! I'll look for these. I could use a little spring in my step! lol We just got home from a hike and I'm draggin'! lol And what a mess! We had cats for a long time...I know the frustration! Nice to catch up with you at Pond Hollow! Sweet hugs, Diane

  12. Hi Cheryl. I'm missed you --although we have been take alot of breaks also.. Have travels and travels the past mount or two.... Now--we are home working hard on our yarl...

    Love your white/white Daffs... The name of them are Mount Hood Daffodils. Bet you didn't know it's name... ha ha

    Sorry about the little accident... Bet that little critter was VERY VERY innocent... ha ha

    Glad you are back home good. Your strawberries looks YUMMY.


  13. Nice to see a post from you. It's been busy for a lot of us, I think. Enjoy your kitties even when they are naughty. We don't have kitties to make messes anymore and I really miss them.

    I am trying to get rid of some dishes, too, and having a hard time doing it.

    We had 2" of snow today with more coming tonight- UGH! Blessings and so happy to see you here- xo Diana

  14. Welcome back Cheryl! our weather situation has been the same, up and down, up and down, we are expected to have a freeze tomorrow night, which means covering fruit trees too! Good luck with the strawberry bed, we grow strawberries and they are wonderful! Ours will be ready for picking in two weeks!
    I have had to clean messes like that many times over, broken flower pots make the biggest messes. Thanks for the heads up on the shoes I will have to check them out.

  15. I love my old Skechers so much that I had them re-sewn at the local shoe repair shop; they're about six years old and so comfy. The style your bought is very cool; I may need a new pair!

    Spring has arrived in NC as well, but cold weather is blowing in tonight with rain. I haven't set out any plants yet, so it's really okay. We have a great deal of pine pollen now --- the stuff settles on everything, and when the breezes blow, the pollen clouds are yellow. The rain should help get rid of most of it.

    Boy, do I ever understand about cats! My late, great Buckwheat Elizabeth used to roost in the Christmas tree, so we decided to do without it. That spunky girl lived to be 18, so we were Christmas tree-less for a long time!

    Enjoyed your post! Glad to see you blogging again!

  16. Oh how I love strawberries. I'll be over this summer to pick some. :)
    It's cold again here too and snowed in SE MN last night.
    I have a pair of the black sketchers and love them. I have to get a white pair now for summer.

  17. Have you ever watched the show My Cat From %ell with Jackson Galaxy? So interesting. Your cat is showing classic feline behaviors and there'll be no pounding it out of them. I have no intention of following all of his suggestions as I am not running a cattery here, but I did learn some very helpful things.

  18. Those strawberries look so good. Oh and the Daffodils are gorgeous.Do I have trouble getting rid of stuff? You might say so,that is one reason I have put off going through some of my closets.

  19. Welcome back. Hope that cats are forgiven. Just think what damage they could do if they tried.
    We are getting freezing temps for the next two days also. My poor Hummingbirds.

  20. If I didn't live in MO I wouldn't believe the weather we're having. Did it snow there? It did here.

  21. I have two pair of the go-walks. The most comfortable shoe ever, and they give me the support I need for my feet! Had a few plants get broken too from cats. Little devils! Glad to see you back!

  22. Hi CHeryl great to have you back again and I rally enjoyed reading your post. That is a beautiful frilly flower in the first shot. Love the shoes, not the mess!

  23. Welcome back and I love the Pond Hollow name.
    Cats are usually the part of your house that creates the messes:)
    You did get a lot done and your cupboards look great:) Hug B

  24. Thanks for the catch up on what you hqve been doing, Cheryl. It reminded me that I too have way overdue projects. Like you and BG we also like strawberries and our patch is flowering now. Your new shoes look comfy which is always a good reqson to own more than 1 pair. Heard about the snow in some areas and none here, but raining today.

  25. Welcome back! Your cabinet looks so neat...and cheerful with its colorful array of dishes!

    Kitties...gotta love 'em! :)

  26. I could not believe the snow yesterday! It's just wrong to look out and see big old flakes coming down on green grass, daffs, foot high peonies, Bradford Pear blooms, Red Bud and the sittin' place under the Oaks! Those kitties are little scamps! Love Pond Hollow!

  27. Argh...kitties are so curious and naughty sometimes! ;) xo Jen

  28.'s one of the reasons i don't have animals, dogs or cats. i have enought to look after without the added mess. i do however, realize what i am giving up as well!!

    i love to clean and organize my cabinets, i did all of mine this past winter. i always enjoy a peak inside, to see how other peeps "do it"!! i like your blue and yellow bowls!!

  29. Your reorganized cupboard looks very pretty...and efficient. I love the look of those Sketchers. I'll be checking them out myself. It snowed here in northeast Indiana last night, but most of it is gone already today. Cold, though!

  30. What a mess, indeed. Kitties can be too curious for their own good. LOVE the name you picked for your place. The shoes look real comfy.

  31. Cheryl, your flowers are beautiful. We are having the same icky weather today and a freeze warning. I like the name Pond hallow, a good choice for your home.. Strawberries are my favorite, YUM! have a happy week and HAPPY Easter!

  32. So glad to see you back on your blog! I know..this weather is so unpredictable! Your cupboard looks so clean and fresh! Oh, your kitties are so looks like they created a mess for you!! 😉

    Enjoy seeing you!


  33. Our daffodils are long gone but I bought some beautiful strawberries at the grocery today.

    I'm hoping for a trip next week to a larger town not too terribly far from here which has a Kohl's. Those shoes do look comfy and Skecher's is a good brand. I hope they come in other colors besides white since the dirt where I live is predominantly red and stains everything it touches! No white shoes for me.

  34. It's good to have a blog break now and then.
    Mine happens when I'm in France visiting my family!
    I love the looker of your Sketchers, I must buy a pair when the new ones come out later in the year!
    Welcome back to Blogland Cheryl!

  35. We have been having the same off and on weather. This weekend has been lovely but storms on the way next week. We really need the rain. I like you took a blog break and now I am back. I love your fun posts.
    I love dishes too and I love the different colors of yours. I have a hard time throwing away things.
    Oh those cats how they can cause a mess. I am allergic to them so we don't have cats anymore. I do love them.
    Blessings to you and I am happy being back to read your fun posts.