Monday, October 14, 2013

Of Blogging And Other Random Thoughts

Hello blog friends!  Just checking in, briefly, to say hello and that I'm still here, and just share some random thoughts.

I've been reading blog posts every now and then, but haven't taken the time to comment on many.  I've read where several are giving up blogging and it is very sad to know that we may not hear from them again.  I often think blog friends are just as important as real life friends.  I hope they reconsider or just take a long break like I'm doing.  We often feel...and I'm one of them...that we haven't any more to share or that our stories aren't that exciting or important, but friendships are formed and I hope those of you who feel the need to quit blogging reconsider how much we value those friendships.  And, I hope you realize that just reading about your ordinary, everyday lives helps us to get through ours.    

I'm still plodding along trying to get some of those things crossed off my to-do list.  I wish I could say that I'm near the end...I can't...because, gosh, I didn't realize how much slower I was getting.  Or is it that I'm easily distracted and am really just a procrastinator? 

I have had a lot on my mind lately.  Which leads me into the next paragraph.

I seldom say anything political, but I just can't help but say that I couldn't be more disgusted with the stupidity and lack of leadership in our government these days.  The contempt that some show for the people that they took an oath to serve is appalling.  I'm very worried about the direction our country is headed in.  It seems like we are on a roller coaster that is only going one way...down hill.  Fast.  I do trust in the Lord and know He holds the future, but I can't help but worry about how much so many may have to suffer over the foolishness of so few before it's all over. 

Now that I've gotten that off my chest...

I know that most everyone wants to read sweetness and light.  And, it's never my intention to stir the pot or hurt anyone's feelings.  But, this is the real world we're living in with real concerns and, boy, are they getting more plentiful every day!  I would be dishonest if I didn't say that I wasn't worried about our country's future.  I believe that it is in times like these that we need our friends, blogging or real, more than ever. 

I will continue to do what I can to get to the bottom of that to-do list.  I will continue to enjoy this beautiful fall season that I love so much.  I will continue to read your blog posts and know that many of you are living ordinary lives and doing the best you can during these turbulent times just like I am.  That is no small comfort, you know.  Thank you for sharing your ordinary, and not so ordinary, lives.   God bless you all!

Until next time...


  1. i have missed you. hope you can continue to check off things from your list & return to your blog-o here when you feel you have more time. i agree with you there about folks leaving the bloggy world. it is wild to think that when when i 1st started there were several who said they were quitting & it about killed me because i had grown to accustom to reading their thoughts daily or weekly & then suddenly the were gone ... i often wonder about them ... have even emailed with no answer ... but i guess they are just gone. & that stinks for me. because i go to love & enjoy my bloggy family. what now? no clue??! there is one who had health issues & i still think of her often. i pray she is ok ... but i may NEVER know??! that is tough for me to hear or say. ( :

  2. glad to hear from you, and hope that to do list shrinks rapidly now.. i agree 100 percent with your comments on our country. i to stay away from politics on line, mainly because i value the blogger friendships and political views are varied. you said what i think without anyone... and that says a lot. we can all agree we are in deep trouble. looking over to your side bar i see Today I will choose joy and that is all we can do.

  3. Morning Cheryl, happy to hear from you.......Yes, very sad about your country, hope all gets better.......I hold my blogging friends dear to my heart, I do not have many friends here so I enjoy the bloggers very much, sad when the leave the blogs behind.......Wishing you a Happy Columbus Day, Francine.

  4. Morning Cheryl, I thought I would do a little reading before I leave to go have my eye surgery. Left eye did terrific now we see the right eye after cataract surgery. I have missed you my friend seeing your pictures of your flowers and furry friends. I agree with you about our country the way they threaten the seniors which I am one. I have family that works for the govt. Prayers are going out that they get their act together.
    Take care. Hugs and Prayers from Your NW Missouri Friend.

  5. I agree with all you've said from being blog friends and missing those who leave to the dirty world of politics. We are watching the movie Monumental in our Sunday School class and it is very interesting to see how things are going......I agree it's frightening.

  6. i am glad to hear you understand we don't want YOU to stop blogging either. :)

  7. Hello there, my friend. Nice to find you here. I honestly don't know how to move forward with blogging my mind is so caught up in the concerns of each new day. I won't use your blog post to spout off what should be said in my own, however.

    Here's to your getting more ticked off the list. I am slower than all get out. It takes me days to accomplish what used to take me mere minutes. Acckkk!

  8. Glad to hear from you. A very good word!! I was reading some very old blogs from back in 2007, when I first began, and I was thinking of several woman who I enjoyed so much and they abruptly quit blogging. I would so enjoy hearing from them and knowing what God is doing in their lives at this time.

  9. It's always sad when a friend moves rather it be blogging or real life and I was very glad to see you posting today....You are missed too but I understand you have lots to catch up on..
    Know what you mean about our country right now...It think it's distributing to everyone whichever side you are on.....

  10. Good Morning Cheryl! Good to hear from you!! I am with you about the sad state of our country. I think I am on an extended break from blogging. It's been a rocky Spring, Summer and Fall and my head and heart have been befuddled. And I am a PROcrastinator.. :) Enjoy your break and keep counting down on that list!

  11. Oh, Cheryl, I have not been reading as many blogs lately... but am so glad I read yours today. I feel the same way. I am still blogging, but yes, sometimes I do just run out of steam. I remind myself it's mostly for myself that I keep an online journal of our days. I worry about our country, too, and pray daily for it.

    Your header is just beautiful, and cheered me up so much!

  12. So glad you dipped your toe back into the blogging world. I too have noticed that a lot of my regulars have just quit posting. I do hope it is a passing thing.
    I have hopes our country will find its way. Looking pretty bleak right now.

  13. So glad to see you here. Yes, I have become attached to some here and would hate to see them go. Including you! I sometimes am not inspired to post but I do read what's going on. I think some folks just get burned out. How does one keep up with hundreds of followers and not spend the whole day on the computer. I was lucky to find a group of really great people in the beginning and try to keep my circle small.
    As far as politics is concerned I need to stay off that soapbox. I am very conservative and have very strong opinions that may not go over well with some. I pray that somehow we are able to turn things around. There is just no true leadership. It's the wild wild west in DC.

  14. I am glad to see a post from her here, Cheryl. I know what you mean about the govt. It is a hard concern for many of us...and I try not to stir the pot either...but OH MY! I am saddened by what is going on in our country.

    Blessings to you- and I hope you stick around. xo Diana

  15. Cheryl
    Sad to say I've noticed that it takes me longer to get projects done too!
    It is hard to stay cheerful and up beat when the country is in such a mess. I try to put it in it's own little corner of my box and not let it erode my joy. It's easier said then done!
    So glad you took time to post in the midst of your projects, Cheryl.

  16. Nice to hear from you during your break. I agree the friendships here are important. I miss those who have decided to call it quits.

  17. I agree with you. The thought has crossed my mind to give up the blog,but then I think of all the friends I have here and I can't do it.I may not post that often but it is enough to keep me connected.

  18. good to hear from you! stop in a say hello anytime! I'm worried, too. Hopefully it will all get resolved soon.

  19. It is so good to read your post. I am happy you are busy on your to-do-list. I really need to do some cleaning and etc. too. Instead, I am going to Missouri for 12 days to care for 5 of my grandchildren. It should be fun. I am looking forward to it.
    I too am very worried about our country. I pray for this great choice land. It is rather scary for sure.
    I also feel like my blogging friends; (you very much included) are good friends. I hope that someday we may even meet. I always feel sad when someone decides to quit blogging.
    Loved your post today and I will look forward to when you are fully back.
    Blessings and hugs!

  20. So happy to hear from you, Cheryl, and I'm glad you are getting those things checked off your list. I'm very concerned for our nation, too.

    Blogging seems to have taken a big back seat to other social media for many. I've even seen it compared to videos or cassette tapes v. MP3 players, but I've come to treasure the "ordinary lives" of my blog friends. You are so right about the comfort and inspiration we receive from others. Glad you know we'd MISS YOU in the same way. blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  21. Good Morning Cheryl. I have missed you!! Thanks for posting from your heart...let me respond about your thought on the leaders, and then I'll leave this comment with a happy thought. People in America had better wake up to the (real) agenda that is hidden by some of our leaders!!
    Blogging friends are sometimes the BEST. I have some great ones and I appreciate what each of them have to say...
    Happy Blessings for you today..

  22. So happy to see you here Cheryl! I've missed you. I've thought about quitting blogging but I would miss everyone so much. Blogging friends are just as important as real life friends. Keep plugging away at your to do list and check in with us once in awhile.
    Love your header photos!

  23. Hi Cheryl, I'm so glad to see you checking in! I see bloggers disappearing too and I hate it. I'm hoping they begin missing their blog like I did and come back. Hopefully your list is getting shorter and we will see you on a more regular basis. I miss you!

  24. Hi Friend, So glad to hear from you. I think of you often... I have been taking more time off from blogging too --and will take next week off-- in order to do other things on 'my' list. SO--I do understand.

    I hate it when blog friends just disappear. Guess blogging didn't mean as much to them as it does to me. I don't think I could ever totally give it up--even though many of my blog friends are with me on Facebook (which I also love)....

    I agree totally about the country --and try not to say much on my blog or FB page... It's hard though since I do have strong feelings. BUT--I know how I feel when someone on the 'other' side says ugly things about my side... It hurts!!!!

    Email anytime you ever want to talk. l do miss you...


  25. Hi Cheryl, I have missed you so, but understand about getting caught up on the to do list. Your thoughts about blogging are the same as mine, the friends I have made in blogland are so special, and you are so right reading about their ordinary and extraordinary days have helped me get through some of my days! I also agree with you about the concerns for our country, and like you know who holds our future.
    I look forward to your return to blogland.

  26. Cheryl, it's so good to read a post from you.
    It is hard to watch our country go down this road!
    I pray a lot!!

    Blogging is a lot of fun, and I too feel like I've made sweet friends, and really missed them during my break.

    Life is busy, and our families should come first, and sometimes we just need to chose the best way to spend our time, for me, that has been to take a break from blogging. Glad to be back now, and glad that my blog friends are still such sweeties, and so supportive.
    Take care of you, and yours, and we'll be here when time allows you back :)


  27. HI Cheryl Great to hear from you again ad I agree with everything you say in this post. Hope the list goes down soon as we all love to hear and see what you are up to. With my lists (I am a list person)! when I get son=me things stroked off it seems there are then more to go on!!! Nnow that has got me thinking,if this happens to you, you will never blog again. Perhaps you should think of blogging once or twice a week ONLY when you start again. That way, you can catch up with your blogging friends while still getting on with your list! Only an idea.

  28. It's good to see you! I've been falling behind on my blog, but no way will I be quitting. :)
    What's happening in this country is sad, but I'm not surprised. I try not to talk politics, but thank goodness next election things have to change. :)
    Stay in touch with us! :)

  29. Cheryl, I agree with you completely about the government. It is embarrassing that so many can be so wrong! I reaction is that I will not vote for any of them to be re-elected!

    Blogging is an interesting beast. I do enjoy it but periodically just feel a need to stop! I certainly like keeping in touch with internet friends and definitely picked up lots of ideas from various blogs. I enjoy the pictures too. I think a little vacation from it all is necessary now and then.

    I wish you success with your list....

  30. It is great to see a post from you! I need to make a to-do list then maybe I could say a few ta-das! Blogging actually seems to help my get stuff done and stay in the mood to sew, etc...but sometimes it is hard for me to blog.

    Definitely agree with you about the political tired of living and dreading what will come. I have to tell myself that God is in control....

  31. Cheryl, regretfully I have not been checking your blog to see any new posts until tonight. I was saddened when you wrote that you would not be posting for awhile to get things sorted out and done. Seems there is a lot of that going around. However, I was glad, even if belatedly, to read your comments on blogging and how friendships are formed and I fully concur. As to finding posts mundane, boring, etc. that is never the case with me when reading other blogs. I may not comment on every one but it doesn't mean that there was a lack of interest, but rather a lack of time to both read and comment on all. So I try to alternate between this one and that one every other day or so. Truth is I really enjoy blogging about our day-to-day activities whether or not we have a large number of comments. My problem is far more things to post about than time to do them as it seems I am hardly at a loss for words - haven't you noticed.
    And, your comments about the former government shutdown echoed my own feelings too.

  32. Good to hear from you! I understand how you feel about our country's mess. I feel helpless but know God is still in control. Enjoy your blogging break. looking forward to your return!

  33. Good to hear from you! I understand how you feel about our country's mess. I feel helpless but know God is still in control. Enjoy your blogging break. looking forward to your return!

  34. Hi Cheryl,
    So glad you shared your heartfelt thoughts in this post. Well said... all of it :D.
    I particularly like what you said about reading about our ordinary days helps others to get through theirs. I have always been a fan of the "ordinary day" type blogs. I guess I didn't realize that so many others also are. Stepping away from my blog has taught me a few things and I am also finding it hard to give up completely. I'm beginning to think it may end up being a blog break.
    Thanks so much for your kind comments and wise insight. So appreciated.
    Thinking of you and hoping you are accomplishing all that you hope to (along with time for enjoying the beautiful fall season :).

  35. Hi Cheryl!

    I know exactly what you mean about blogging friends! It seems that we are drawn to those with similar feelings and ideas as we have, and isn't that what it's all about!? I have always loved your blog, and I always look forward to hearing from you. Like you, I only blog about once a month lately, life seems to be moving so fast (or I'm moving really slow!!). I use my blog as a journal, so I really do post about things I love, my family, and my everyday thoughts and feelings. I check in once in a while, but don't leave comments either - is that bad blog etiquette? I don't think so... :0)

    I couldn't agree with you more about our country! I'm not looking forward to January, when, I'm afraid, it will happen all over again! I guess we just need to pray hard, that those who supposedly work for the people will make good decisions! But, it's really scary!

    So good to see you!!


  36. Good Morning Cheryl! May the Great Pumpkin visit you and enjoy this wonderful rained on Thursday!!!

  37. Hi Cheryl, when I saw your comment on my blog I thought oh goody, it's Cheryl and maybe she's back! I know how you feel about our government. The ugly truth is rearing it's head and I'm hoping some good things come of the country finally seeing the truth about our politicians. Hopefully, hopefully, hopefully. I gotta say I'm really scared and anxious about it all.