Friday, August 16, 2013

The Camera

As most of you know, I've been looking for a camera that I
can slip into my pocket or purse.  I have a good Canon that I
really like, but it's heavy and often times I just don't want to
carry it around everywhere. 

I tried out a Nikon Coolpix and I did like it, but there were
a few things I didn't like and so, in the end, the cons outweighed the
pros.  The closeups weren't quite to my liking and I didn't like
the fact that the battery had to be left in the camera to charge.
I ended up taking it back and got my refund.

 A couple of days ago, and after some more research which was
mainly reading reviews, I decided to try a Canon ELPH 330 HS.

 Being somewhat familiar already with a Canon camera, this camera
was easy to learn to use.  So far, so good.  First of all, I have to
say that this camera is a lot faster than the Coolpix.  I'm even
thinking it's faster than my other, bigger Canon.  All the photos
you see on this post are with this new camera.  As you can see,
I'm loving photographing my sunflowers! 

 There is an online manual that I need to read to learn more.  All
of these shots are SOOC and only cropped a bit, in some cases.

 If only I had a steadier hand, my shots would undoubtedly be
much better.  I have a tripod and need to use it more.

It has a pretty good little zoom, don't you think?  This sunflower
must be 10 ft tall at least!

The moss rose and bee were willing subjects for my first
day of shooting.  Of course, you probably noticed in the first photo
that Stormy was the first subject, but not so willing!

 I never tire of photographing zinnias.  I just love the colors
and all those little petals!

 I've taken enough shots of flowers to last the rest of the year.
Did I hear a groan?  Ha!

 Moving inside, the lighting in my house is terrible.  I should
have taken these shots earlier in the morning when it's
much brighter at the table.

 I propped a poster board on the table to brighten things
up a bit.  I didn't want to turn on the overhead light or use the flash. 

 This one is okay, I need to practice more.  Remember that
this is just my first day with this camera!

I wanted to show you my little shooting project.  Stormy was 
wanting to help out with chewing on the flowers!  Can someone
tell me why the vase/bottle appears to be leaning?  I noticed that
in several other photos some of the background appeared to lean.

The end.
Well, not quite the end, I'll be back with more flower shots and I'll try to get that manual read, too, before next week.  I'm thinking this camera is a keeper, but I've lots more shooting to do before I know for sure.
Feel free to critique these photos, please.  And thank you!
Enjoy your weekend!

Until next time...


  1. so you shot some of these as macros as some as zoom, if i read right. nice!

    (funny, the blog i just came from said 'i hope you're not tired of zinnias'. :))

  2. the sunflowers really are great!

  3. IMPRESSIVE camera. These photos are beautiful.

  4. I vote for the Canon. I even called my husband in to see the pictures. He wants something he can carry in his pocket when he checks the cows...the pictures are fantastic!

  5. OMG! These are GREAT, Cheryl! Make me want to whip out the watercolors!! Just wonderful. I have a big Canon and sometimes wish for something smaller to carry around. I'm thinkin' you just made my Christmas list for me. ;) BEAUTIFUL photos! blessings ~ tanna

  6. Of course, your subjects are winners (Stormy and sunflowers and zinnias!), but I think your photographs are quite good. Maybe this camera is the answer!

  7. The pictures have turned out absolutely gorgeous.

    I only have a point and shoot, but I'm considering working up to a better one.

  8. these are awesome, looks like you found the right camera. the only thing i can think of about the leaning is the camera was leaning? if not no clue.. it did a fantastic job on the sunflowers and is much much much better than the coolpix pics.
    big smile at the flower chewing kitty kat

  9. Good Morning, You have beautiful pictures and the one room schoolhouse sure brought back memories because that is where I started many years ago. I have a canon, but it is a bigger one then yours. I carry it in my purse because I never know when I want a picture to take to hubby at the nursing home. Have a wonderful weekend. It is going to be beautiful. Hugs and Prayers from Your NW Missouri Friend.

  10. I think your images are extremely impressive. I would not have guessed they were taken with a "small" camera.

    I have a Nikon cool pix for the same reasons you purchased this, but I find I rarely use it, just because I am sooooo use to my big Nikon.

    Gorgeous flowers, the sunflowers are so beautiful!!

  11. I like them! Oh the patterns in a sunflower and you captured them so well. I notice that my personal level is off and often must straighten my photos. Some of the lake photos were so bad that I was in danger of emptying the lake. So that's my guess. ; D

  12. Probably not holding the camera quite if you use your tripod, that background will be level. :)
    Sounds like you have a wonderful camera.

  13. Congrats on getting a functional camera that works like a professional
    too. These are some beautiful shots! Wow.

  14. Your photos are wonderful! Great macro shots.
    I only have a point and shoot. It is a Cannon too, I don't remember the model right off hand. I really do like it and the zoom is fantastic, but I can't seem to get good micro shots. Maybe I just need more practice.

  15. Your photos are gorgeous Cheryl.
    I'm glad you found a small camera you like that takes fantastic close-ups.
    Sunflowers are my favorite Happy flower :)

  16. Wow, I think these are incredible. Going on my wish list. xo Laura

  17. Very wise choice Cheryl! Those are some gorgeous pictures!!

  18. The vase is leaning because the whole photo is leaning. It just needs to be straightened.
    I think all the shots are really nice.

  19. wow, I am impressed with the clarity and the dof on this camera....good choice.

  20. You know my answer.. I vote for the Canon.. Looks like you are learning this one really well. One thing which seems harder to me with a smaller camera is to hold it straight... You'll learn.... (Of course I still don't always hold my big Canon straight either... ha ha)

    Love the sunflowers.

  21. Keep the camera - it does beautiful pictures!!!!!!!!!!! Excellent.

  22. Cheryl, thanks or the reply to my email asking about your new camera, obviously I had not checked your blog first, but so nice to see the results of a day's fun with the Canon. I already have a Canon digital Elph and am now considering a "bridge" camera as my next one. I like the portability of these smaller ones and carry one of the 2 Canon Elphs with me all the time.
    Never tire of sunflower photos and terrific close-ups from such a small camera.

  23. Love these photos...who doesn't love kitties and flowers? Your camera did an amazing job! I too have the big Cannon, and decided I needed a smaller one to carry around in my purse, so I got a Cannon Power Shot. Well, I wore that one out, so now got the replacement of that one, a Cannon Power Shot SX260 HS. I really think the first one I had was better! But...maybe it's me not the

    Never quit taking pictures of flowers...I love them!


  24. Can't believe that sunflower was 10 feet tall. Well done. I didn't know you could try a camera, then return it if you didn't like it. Darn--now I learn that.

  25. First - FABULOUS!!!!!! I have a Canon Powershot As300 HD - just got it - cuz I dropped my other Canon PowerShot in a bowl of ice water - and it did not appreciate it. I love the Canon little cameras for close up and macro - seem to get the best definition.

    Love all your photos - I vote for the Canon too.

  26. First - FABULOUS!!!!!! I have a Canon Powershot As300 HD - just got it - cuz I dropped my other Canon PowerShot in a bowl of ice water - and it did not appreciate it. I love the Canon little cameras for close up and macro - seem to get the best definition.

    Love all your photos - I vote for the Canon too.

  27. Your photos are marvelous! This is what I need, something that will focus for close up s and still be able to zoom for far away. Love your sunflower and zinnia pics, I never get tired of flowers! Or kittty cats! :-)

  28. The sunflowers and zinnias look amazing, Cheryl! I always notice my outdoor photos look better than my indoor photos --it must be the light and my being unsteady holding the camera still as I take the shot. I think your new camera is a winner!

  29. Haha -- the leaning vase of flowers mystery. Mayhaps the table top is not level? I have that issue all the time when I use my washing machine as my surface to shoot on. It dips in the middle. Beautiful shots Cheryl!

  30. Good heavens! You have NO idea how much you have made me want a new camera! Those pictures are gorgeous!! It's getting to be an obsession of mine to get a new camera!!

  31. I think this camera should be the winner. I loved all the pictures and enjoyed our thoughts on this one. My husband bought a big camera recently and he has been spending time ready how to use it. I am the kind that just goes and takes the pictures; obviously they turn out better the more you know about the camera
    Thanks for the beauty you captured.

  32. I really love those sunflowers! Gorgeous shots...

  33. The colors in these shots are just fantastic. I'm looking for a smaller point and shoot. I'm about to buy a new phone, thinking I would use that as my smaller phone, however, I don't think I could get such sharp shots or great macros as you got with the elph. Now to see if I can find it on sale.

  34. how lovely!!

    gorgeous set of floral photos.
    thanks for brightening my day, cheryl!

    big hugs~

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