Friday, May 24, 2013


It's Friday!  There are several photos I was going to post today, but something else very interesting turned up at my house so my plans have changed a bit.  I'll get to that shortly.
The above photo is just part of my garden by the side of the house where mostly Knockout Roses and Salvia are planted.  We just planted these last spring and they are so lush and full and blooming like crazy!  I love these roses because I really don't have to do much except a little watering and I did trim them back a bit in the winter.  They are almost crowding out the salvia.

Our lovely, sweet daughter is having a birthday this weekend.  I just want to say Happy Birthday, Kim! 
Kim was in a wreck a couple of weeks ago, but thankfully wasn't seriously injured.  A man came flying around a curve too fast, braked, and then fishtailed into the back end of her car.  I took her to ER to be checked out as she said her back was hurting.  She was found to be okay, just shaken up and the doctor said the muscles in her back would hurt even more for a few days.  All is well now, but she's still awaiting getting her car repaired.
I don't think she'll mind if I share some good news and that is she has a new man in her life and is so happy now.  He is a good guy she has known for a long time and they are having a lot of fun together.  It makes us happy to see her so happy!

Look what showed up behind our house today!  Just what we need...more kitties!  Haha!  Aren't they adorable??  I have already told hubby that the calico kitten in the center of this photo was a keeper.  I have promised to try to find homes for the rest of them.  There are 5 in all.  And, you should know, more photos are on the way as I can get them taken!  These little furbabies are very skittish.

We did manage to scoop this one up.  Look at that face!  She was scared to death and shaking like a leaf.

This is Mama Kitty, who also is the mother of Sissy and Truman.  She is a frequent visitor to our house, especially after she's had kittens!  We don't know where she has the kittens or where she came from, but she comes around often enough to know that she can find a free meal here and a place in our storage shed to sleep.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!

Until next time...


  1. They are adorable!!! So you are going to keep the little calico? What will you name her? She is really beautiful with half of her face black. Did you know that all Calicos are female? I also love the one on the right, grey and white, you don't see a color pattern like that much, he is beautiful. Can I persuade you to keep both? The litter mates would be great company for one another. YIKES, so sorry about the wreck but glad your daughter is not hurt badly. It seems the ones at fault always walk away fine, doesn't it? Your Knock Outs are a real knock out, beautiful! and I just learned last week that the name of those flowers is Salvia.

  2. Oh, the little calico that has grey in the background is so pretty....I used to have a calico cat. I miss having a cat, but with three big dogs, I can't have another right now, or I'd be tempted to just drive up there and pick up that sweetie pie!

  3. Your roses are so pretty, Cheryl. Can't beat those Knock Outs for putting on a great show.
    Happy Birthday to Kim! So glad to hear that she was not seriously injured in the wreck.
    Although I've never owned a cat, that little calico kitty would be pretty hard to resist. What a cutie pie.

  4. Morning Cheryl, love your Roses, so beautiful, wish I could smell them, :) Sweet Kitty`s, I would keep the little Calico one too...Bless your heart for feeding the Mama, hope you find good homes for the rest, Happy Long Weekend, Francine.

  5. beautiful mama cat and that calico is adorable. happy to hear your daughter is ok and that there is a new man in her life.. a good man is hard to find.

  6. What sweet little kitties! They are so adorable and I don't even like cats! :) I'm glad your daughter wasn't hurt too badly in the accident but I'm sure she will be very sore for a while and may need some therapy. It's nice she has a new man in her life too. Have a blessed weekend. Hugs, Pam

  7. Glad your daughter wasn't injured and that she has a 'special guy in her life.
    You are truly blessed in many ways Cheryl.
    Love those knock-out roses!

  8. Cute, cute kitties! Happy Birthday to Kim. What a beautiful rose, a nice birthday rose. I know you're so grateful that your daughter was spared from a worse outcome of the accident. Praise God.

  9. oh, those sweet babies! gosh, i wish i could have kitties and cats here (but with my dogs, i don't dare try again).

    just noticed your list of sweet things you love - calico kittens. :)

    happy birthday to your daughter! glad she is doing so well!

  10. Awww. You need to keep all those kittens! They are so sweet. Aren't Knock Out roses wonderful. We have a few and love them. Beautiful. Happy Birthday to your daughter and so glad she was not hurt.

  11. So sorry about the accident but wonderful news about a new and great guy in her life.
    We use to have a cat like that. She wasn't ours but always brought her new litter to us each year until my parents caught her and had her fixed. She was still a traveling lady but with no Spring surprises.
    Such a sweet bunch of babies. Careful, they don't all work their way into your heart.

  12. Happy Birthday to your glad that she was not injured in the wreck. However, strained muscles can sure hurt.
    Always makes us moms happy when our daughters are happy.

    Gorgeous roses and cute kitties.
    Have a good Memorial day weekend.

  13. Oh my goodness are those kittens adorable! Happy birthday to your daughter and I'm so glad she's okay.

  14. happy birthday to your precious daughter!!
    omg, what cute little kitties!

    love your adorable photos.

    happy weekend~

    p.s. i linked to you today!

  15. Your flowers are breathtaking, Cheryl!! So glad Kim was okay. And, pass along Birthday Wishes for the best year yet!! I know nothing makes a mother happier than for her children to be happy. ;) blessings ~ tanna

  16. Oh my gosh, how cute are they! I just love kitties!

  17. She knows a safe haven! Reminds me of The Christmas Day Kitten by James Herriot. Lovely story. Makes me cry every single time.

    Oh I am so glad that your daughter is doing better after a crash...ugh...and is happy again. A mama can only be as happy as her saddest child.

  18. Happy Birthday to you daughter. i am so glad she is ok and has positive happenings in her life. Those kittens are adorable... especially the Calico. So sweet. Some of our best cats were "dumped" on us over the years. Somehow w were always able to find homes for those we couldn't keep. Enjoy this gorgeous weather we are having!

  19. Aww to the kittens. I love the flowers. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your daughter! :)

  20. Accckkk a gaggle of kittehs! The little girl you are keeping reminds me of Izzy. They are, of course, adorable and Mom Cat is beautiful. Happy Birthday to your daughter!!

  21. Thank Heavens your daughter is okay. They kittens are cute as can be. Oh, I love baby kittens.


  22. Other than the accident, you have lovely news here. :-)

    I'm still 'coldy', so this is quick.

  23. Hi Cheryl, I'm so happy for your daughter... Hope it works out for her/them... Scary about her wreck --but glad she is okay.

    The kitties are gorgeous. Mama knew where to bring her babies since she knows that you have a wonderful home for them. The calico is adorable. No wonder you want to keep it... Gorgeous!!!!

    Hope you have a great weekend. Happy Memorial Day --and don't forget to thank God for our service men and women who do/did so much for us to keep us safe.


  24. I'm partial to calicos myself having had a few. Yours is precious. Happy Birthday to your daughter.

  25. Happy birthday Kim.

    Your cat is very pretty - cute.

    And that second photo is GORGEOUS!


  26. I come from the blog of Betty Manousos, Cut and Dry, and I love your corner, so if you do not mind, I become a follower of your magical space.
    Hugs and kisses.

  27. Adorable kittens! It's nice that you help mama at times like this. :)
    Happy Birthday to Kim! Glad she's okay. A man hit me in my suv in a parking lot and now I have three herniated discs...ouch!
    Happy weekend to you!

  28. They are adorable...wish I could come over and pet them. Or just watch them if they are too shy.

    Glad to hear your daughter has someone to share good times with. Hope all works out there. Hope she had a good birthday.

  29. Kittens are so cute and that calico is adorable. But I've said no more cats! We have our big male who is 17 years old and going strong! He thinks he is a rooster and starts howling every morning at 5! I've threatened him with death, but he doesn't seem to be scared!!!

    Happy Birthday to your daughter! It's so wonderful when they're happy!!

  30. so happy your daughter is o.k.

    those kittens are adorable, they know where to go to find love, cuddles and food. the calico is just precious!!

    ooohhh....almost forgot your gardens, the knockouts are gorgeous!!

  31. Well, what a nice surprise! I would be in heaven -- even though we already have 4 outdoor and 3 indoor cats. How many is too many? :)

    And happy birthday to your daughter. So nice when things are going good for our kids.

  32. The Lord works in mysterious ways.
    That little calico is a gem for sure.

  33. What a sweetie - the kitties are blessed to have you to rescue them. We had a kitty lady in our neighborhood for a while (we live on acreages, so dumped kitties out here in the country are not unheard of!).

  34. So much to be thankful for, Cheryl...the safety of your daughter, Kim, and her new love interest, the beauty of the roses, and the cuteness of those precious kittens. We are both cat people, also dogs, but pestles now after all have passed on years ago. We have had offers to adopt and thought about it as well, but with trying to sell our home, being pet free is best for now. Looking forward to more good news and kitty pics as well.

  35. Oh my goodness...I am a sucker for a sweet kitty face, and those are precious! (We have three cats...all strays whom we've adopted.)

    Thank the Lord that your daughter is well!

  36. Your flowers are beautiful. We need to get planting some in our yard.
    I hope you dear daughter had a wonderful Birthday and that she is feeling better from the wreck.
    It is wonderful to see our dear daughters happy.
    Of course, I love the kitten pictures. We used to have a cattery for a couple of years. We love cats but I am allergic to them. Since Willie a cat that was 18 years old died a few years ago we haven't had any cats. I love the pictures of yours.

  37. I'm glad your daughter was not seriously hurt!

    Oh those kitties made my heart melt! If I lived close to you I'd be so tempted to take one or was so hard to lose my sweet cat last week and I miss him so much! I hope you find good home for all these darlings.